Are You Taking Twitter Too Seriously?

I loved this from Paul Colligan:

“Are you wondering if you might be taking Twitter a bit too seriously?” Says Paul “I offer these 7 tell-tale signs that, well, yeah, you are taking Twitter too seriously.”

* You just Twittered “Where did I leave my keys?” and are really hoping someone responds.

* You’re about to make a business decision based on 140 characters from @nopictureandnojobbutitweetalot.

* You don’t eat until the Twitter Taco Truck tells you to.

* You think “the babes” will take you more seriously once you get your account verified.

* You know deep in your heart that @oprah wants to respond to you but can’t, cause of all that “legal stuff” she has to deal with.

* You have an entire page of iPhone apps dedicated to Twitter.

* You find this article funny enough to Tweet about.

Have a good one!