Artistic Alexandra!

This piece from Alexandra Chanter’s school newsletter academic section, Kingsmead College, Johannesburg.


The programme consisted of seven items each representing a different genre. An expressive movement piece was first on the programme which was a workshopped piece performed by the whole class. Sound (as opposed to music!) was put together by Alexandra Chanter and Slindile Mthembu.

Next up was a beautiful and poignantshort play by Samuel Beckett entitled “Come and Go” performed by Tatenda Dune, Raeesa Kahn and Zahra Musa. Then, an hilarious and highly physical extract from Lewis Carroll’s “Mad Hatter’s Teaparty” was presented by Josephine Stubbs, Alexandra Blyth, Alexandra Chanter and Edwina Lederle. Next, a riveting and dramatic extract from Jean Paul Sartre’s “No Exit” was performed by Jill Curr, Camilla Pearson and Sabelo Mthethwa. Kathleen Butler, Nokwanda Zwane, Thuli Gama and Slindile Mthembu then performed a highly entertaining extract from the South African play “Sophiatown”.

The theatrical technique of the “soliloque” (speaking ones thoughts aloud only for the ears of the audience and not for the other characters on stage) was explored by Alexandra Chanter and Edwina Lederle in an amusing extract from Alan Ayckbourn’s play “Countdown”. The programme ended with the group dramatizing
the Lewis Carroll poem “The Jabberwocky”.

That’s Alexandra above left and you can imagine how much we’re looking forward to seeing her when she comes on holiday in August with a friend!