Beit CURE Hospital, Lusaka

The Beit CURE International Hospital of Zambia was established in 2004. CURE International signed an agreement with the Zambian Ministry of Health to operate a pediatric teaching hospital specializing in the treatment and care of children living with physical disabilities. 

The Beit Trust, a UK-based charity, provided $1.5 million to support construction of the hospital as a centennial gift to the people of Zambia. The Zambian government donated a 60-acre plot of land for the hospital site.

Beit CURE Zambia is one of the few hospitals of in Zambia is able to adequately address the surgical needs of the disabled children in the country. The hospital campus is comprised of six buildings, housing 45 patient beds in the children’s ward and 16 beds in the private patients ward. The hospital also houses a chapel and spiritual center, three operating theaters, an outpatient clinic, an administrative building and a general services building. Services at the hospital will be focused on pediatric orthopedics, neurosurgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Since opening its doors, Beit CURE Zambia has seen over 8,000 patients and performed nearly 4,000 surgeries