Bobby East

From George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of ‘The Experience’ our regular Sunday night radio show on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station, contributes regularly to the blog which we very much appreciate! He reports on a recent interview by Deejay Wolf of Bobby East, a budding Zambian rapper whose single ‘Ma Fyompebles’ has been buzzing.

Q: What are you working on right now?
I am currently working on an album with the other guys J.O.B, Flex and Franciar

Q: Does it have a title?
Well, we still haven’t settled on one yet but it should be titled soon.

Q: Any singles yet?
At the moment the ones that have been officially released are just ‘Ma Fyompebles’ and the one where my man Flex featured, ‘Umuzompiki’, but I am dropping another one next week.

Q: So are you calling yourselves a group or is this just a promo album to get your names out there?
Well, we’ve been working together (me, Franciar, J.O.B and Flex) for a while now and I guess I can say we are a team but we do work on most stuff individually.

Q: It seems your songs are full of the latest slang, what do the terms ‘afyompebles’ and Muzompiki mean?
Lol, well Ma Fyompebles are things that can be Fyompad, hehehe and Umuzompiki is the love a guy has for his girl.

Q: And since Franciar’s hit single ‘Umutokofyompo’ came with this Kopala lingo, which I think you are familiar with can you tell me what Mutokofyompo and Mupandapwiti mean?
Lol, Mutokofyompo is the love a gal has for her man, and its kinda slipped my mind wat mupandapwiti is… hehehe.

Q: Well, lets let it pass for now,just wanted to clear the air. By the way, why the name Bobby East?
Well, Bobby comes from my name Robert and I have kinda always been called Bobby East from way back

Q: Where does the East come from? Are you from Chipata?
Hahahaha, no man, definitely not Chipata!!! Hehehe! Well, it just started out in high school, I thought it went well with the Bobby, lol.

Q: What label are you signed to?
We work with our man Blazer

Q: I hear Blazer has a studio in Lusaka we well,is that where you are based?
Yes my man, we are Lusaka based.

Enlightening stuff…..