I really don’t know how authentic these sayings by George W Bush really are, I got then from a certain Nalumino a friend of mine – but they’re jolly funny!

“You are never going to fail unless you try.”

“We’re scraping the bottom of the iceberg.”

“Today is like the day Rome was built in. We can’t afford to have any

“The project is going down the toilet in flames.”

“He might be barking at a red herring.”

“You’re treading on thin water.”

I think he meant we should cross our T’s and dot our I’s but it came out
this way: “Be sure we all cross our eyes.”

“He’s as deaf as a bat.”

“We don’t want to stick our necks out and get our asses chopped off.”

“I gave him a real mouthful.”

“I really took the bull by the hands.”

“He doesn’t know his hole from an ass in the ground.”

“You should talk to her. She is a minefield of information.”

“I can’t remember but it’s right on the tip of my head!”

“You can lead a pig to pearls…” and then he trailed off.

“Thanksgiving is early this year because the first Thursday fell on a

“The skeleton is there. You just have to sharpen it and put the decorations
on the tree.”

And this last quote, which may or may not have come from Osama: “We need an
escape goat