“Much More Than A Guest House”

I just love it when Guests send me photos after they’ve left for home, and they’re always better than anything I’ve ever managed myself! Louisa Chanda, husband Michael, and her dad Chris and his wife Birgitta recently stayed at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone for a long weekend, to celebrate Louisa and Mike’s 3rd wedding anniversary. I received this e mail after their visit:

“Thanks so much for the warm and friendly environment that we received from both you and your girls. The food was lovely and it was much more than a guest house…it was like going to stay at a friend’s house.

We will definitely be back!! I know that Dad and Birgitta really enjoyed their time there. I have attached a couple of photos that you might want to use for your lodge website…I like the one of the pool and the one of the verandah taken from the garden. You probably have loads like it but just in case :)”

And there’s the first of the photos above, showing better than I could, the quality of our swimming pool and the progress on Rooms 11 and 12! Thanks Louisa, I’ll post the other photo tomorrow!


An Unusual View!

Here’s a view of Chanters Lodge, Livingstone which most of you won’t have seen! The shot’s taken looking west from the new two roomed accommodation extension, along the sides of rooms 10 & 8 on the left. Check the wonderful cascade of bougainvillea – one of three places in the lodge garden where the bougainvillea is in glorious flower right now. Did you know the secret of getting great flowers on this plant is not to water it in the dry season?

The wall you can see in the right of the picture is currently being strengthened with pillars on the other side, to avoid another calamitous collapse (as per two in recent years!)

Have a nice weekend!


Beautiful Chanters Lodge!

Check this lovely picture of Chanters Lodge Livingstone, showing just a small part of the wonderful seasonal display of bougainvillea in the garden, our lovely swimming pool and the construction of two additional bedrooms on the northern side of the site. We hope the construction will be complete and the rooms available for letting by mid-November this year.

The new rooms will each have one double bed, en suite bathroom with seperate shower, tv (we currently offer 5 channels), fridge, airconditioner and wifi access (free to resident Guests at the moment). The extension is being undertaken due to the high demand for the existing pool side rooms and for accommodation in mid 2010 when the World Cup will be held in South Africa.


Rooms 11 & 12 – Latest

It might look a bit like a prison, but actually this picture shows signs of good progress!

You’ll have guessed it’s the latest picture of our two roomed accommodation extension by the poolside at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone – rooms 11 & 12. You can see the door and window frames in the process of being fitted and the roofing trusses are being put together on site too. Look up!

What can’t be seen are the conduit pipes fitted by the electricians, and the plumbers’ work too.

I’d like the rooms to be finished before the rains arrive on or around November 15th, we’ll see if that’s possible.


Rooms 11 & 12 Progress Report

There’s been good progress on the new rooms at Chanters Lodge again this week, with the coarses above the ring beam added as well as the gables on either end. The electricians have begun their work for wiring, and the plumbing materials have been ordered and paid for, awaiting delivery.

We’ve decided on the roofing materials and these as well as the door and window frames will be ordered and paid for tomorrow. The next major decisions will concern tiling. Plastering will follow the completion of the roof, and fitting door and window frames.

Completion date? Can’t say, sorry!


Rooms 11 & 12 – Update

Another update showing the progress on the 2 additional rooms being built at Chanters Lodge Livingstone just about 10 kms from the mighty Victoria Falls! The rooms face the lodge swimming pool and garden and will have one double bed, with an en suite bathroom and seperate shower. The room rate for 2010 will be about US$89 per room per night including english breakfast and free transfers from/to Livingstone Airport. The design is the same as we used for the additional poolside rooms we completed in 2006.

When will the rooms be ready? It’s really hard to say – unexpected hurdles can appear from nowhere. My current dilemma is the roof. The dark red roof tiles I’d love to use are very expensive and I’m just not sure if they’re worth it, or whether we can achieve a good finish at a more reasonable price using another material or tile type. The roof is very important visually as it will be seen from the restaurant terrace, garden and pool. I won’t be able to prevaricate for too long!


Rooms 11 & 12

Check the progress on our two new poolside rooms at Chanters Lodge. We’re looking to expand our accommodation facilities for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup to be held in South Africa when we expect visitors to visit Victoria Falls both before and after the tournament.

We’ve bought the bathroom suites and hot water geyzers required (on sale from a local hardware store). The rooms will have a double bed with en suite bath and seperate shower. They’ll be air conditioned and provided with small refrigerators as well as satellite TV’s. They’ll have a great view across the pool to the garden.

At the moment it’s not possible to say when the new rooms will be in operation but it’s important that the majority of the building work is complete before the onset of the rains on November 15th.

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