K’Millian – New Album This Weekend!

The information comes courtesy of George Kaufela and Chali Mulalami

K’millian (above left pictured when he appeared on our radio show) was born Leo Moyo. He studied computer science at a university in South Africa, after completing his higher education he decided to follow his heart instead, and venture into music. His career kicked off when he signed on to the Sling Beats music label. K’millian burst on the scene in 2003 with a self-titled album which yielded tracks like ‘Ule Ibukisha’ (with the late Crystal Shaun), ‘Nalyendele’, ‘Shalapo Naya’, ‘Niwe Weka’ and more.

In the coming years K’millian and the Sling Beats label went on to shape the landscape of Zambian R&B with 3 more albums namely “My Music”, yhe record breaking “Another Day” and “True Colors” which churned mega-hits such as ‘Nizakukonda’, ‘Kakabalika’, ‘Pa Ulendo’ and ‘Nikwisa Waya’ and more.

After a 2 album break from Sling Beats, K’millian is back with the legendary label and has already finished working on two unreleased albums. His seventh called ‘Timeless’ is meant for an international audience and the eighth a local market targeted album called ‘Home Again’. K’millian will this weekend 1st of June launch his home again album at Polo Grill backed by uncle Rex and a live band.


Down Memory Lane To The Experience!

Last Sunday on the most recent edition of our weekly radio show were delighted to welcome back Evaristo Webster Mutanga (pictured above and far better known to Livingstone residents as ‘Uncle Jumbo’), for the second time as a Guest on ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Kaufela’.

Uncle Jumbo (pictured above) is host of another long running show on Zambezi 107.7 fm – ‘Down Memory Lane’ where he shares his memories and his music with listeners to Livingstone’s leading local radio station. “What have you been doing since we last saw you on our show?” Milli Jam wanted to know at the top of the programme. Our Guest revealed that having retired some time back, he had been asked to resume work by Mulobezi Railways and was busy teaching their employees in the marketing department about passenger services and public relations. The teaching was being done at Mulobezi Station and he much enjoyed travelling out there by train from Livingstone. He also revealed that his weekly radio show had gone from strength to strength and had ‘stood the test of time’ – “just like yours” he added kindly.

We missed Kaufela on this show who was busy with ‘family matters’ so the play list was all down to Milli Jam and I. MJ chose Chefy ft Roxy’s ‘Kopela Swag’ back to back with Macky 2 ft K’Millien’s ‘No More Love’. On the international scene he chose tracks from Justin Timberlake ft Jay-Z and Usher. My choices were from Duke Dumont ft AME and Chris Brown. Our oldie of the week was Roy Orbison’s ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ and our pick was Lana del Ray’s haunting ‘Chelsea Hotel 2’. We closed with Zonefam’s awesome ‘Sinjonjo’ currently zooming up the Zambian and African charts.

Uncle Jumbo revealed that he had spent more than 30 years working for Zambia Railways in marketing and passenger services before his retirement. He had been educated at David Kaunda Secondary School in Lusaka leaving in 1971 (“the same year I came to Africa” I commented). He hails from Kasempa in North Western Province. He was proud of his seven children, especially Chomba and Leo both studying IT overseas, Chomba in London and Leo in West Germany. And too Nesbitt, the last born who had just scored a super 9 points in his Grade 12 exams. He was happy that Professor Clive Chirwa had recently been appointed to run Zambia Railways and all the staff were looking forward to much improved services on the railways in our country. He mentioned the days when tickets were issued for passengers to travel all the way from Zambia to Cape Town and those tickets included hotel accommodation as part of the journey!

Our Guest greeted his niece Naomi and her son Mike, as well as neighbours Anne and Serviso. His phone buzzed through the show with call and texts from his fans, delighted to hear him on ‘the other side’ of the microphone – Milli Jam pointed out that Uncle Jumbo was one of the few of his generation in Zambia who had embraced modern technology.

Asked where he would like to be and what he what he would like to be doing in ten years’ time his answer was:- “Don’t ask such silly questions my son Milimo, I shall be in heaven down memory lane”! Sweet!


Jobless, Homeless But Live On The Experience!

No, not George Kaufela, Milli Jam or even me! But the Guests on the most recent edition of The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Kaufela, our weekly Sunday night radio show airing on Zambezi 107.7 fm in Livingstone, Zambia. Australians Lyn and Malcolm Macdonald (pictured above with Milli Jam) explained to listeners that before setting off on their round the world trip which had brought them to this country, they had given up their jobs, sold the boat that had been their home and taken off! They’d arrived in Zambia a few days earlier, having taken the Tazara train from Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia. The journey takes days – the Macdonalds described it as ‘a great adventure’.

Malcolm had been a doctor specializing in tropical medicine in the far north of Australia, wife Lyn was a nurse by training, subsequently involved with public health. They had been living in Cairns and working in remote places mostly involved with treating Aboriginal people. They were also engaged in an humanitarian refugee programme. Our Guests told listeners that this was the first time either of them had been to Zambia. They had visited Tanzania as Malcolm had worked in that country more than twenty years ago and had wanted to go back and see old friends, which they had done. They had stayed for one night in Lusaka after their epic train journey, choosing Wayside Guest House with which they declared themselves to be very satisfied. They had flown to Livingstone on Proflight.

The music on the show was appealing to various tastes. We opened the show with tracks from The Saturdays ft Sean Paul (‘How About Us’ number one in UK as we went on air) and Madcon. George chose Zambian music from Roberto featuring himself (!) and then a track by T-Sean. Milli Jam went for Alicia Keys and Jessica Sanchez ft Ne-Yo. He chose a track from Eric Benet as the oldie of the week and the prize of a dinner for two at the lodge was quickly snapped up! My pick of the week was Kodaline’s ‘High Hopes’. We closed with John Legend’s ‘The Beginning’.

Malcolm and Lyn described their first view of the Falls as ‘a bit of a fairy tale’. They had loved the full flow of water prevalent at this time of the year and described the experience as ‘spectacular’. They had climbed down to the Boiling Point as well going on to the main bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe, resisting the temptation to bungee jump – they had a myriad of excuses for not doing so! As one does have! They  had rounded off their day with lunch at The Royal Livingstone which they had loved. They were looking forward to a microlight flight over the Falls as well as the sunset cruise on Lady Livingstone the following day. They were planning a few days in Botswana before flying back to Australia for a short break, then heading off for China and the Far East.

This lively, interesting and outgoing couple told listeners that they had been married for 12 years and that there had been nothing like love at first sight! Between them they had seven children and six grandchildren whom they adored! Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing in ten years’ time, they said they would like to be retired, living in tropical Northern Australia, raising chickens, growing fruit and vegetables and all the while spoiling their grand children.

Sounded like a good idea to us!


Solborg Folk On ‘The Experience’!

Once again we were delighted to welcome a group of Norwegians as Guests on the latest edition of ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Kaufela’, our regular Sunday night radio show airing on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station, from 20.30 – 21.30 hrs live each week. Meet (from left to right above) Caroline Nordahl, Terje Todnem and Simen Hauge, all from Solborg Folk High School in Stavanger. Terje explained that “Norwegian Folk High Schools are one-year boarding schools offering a variety of exciting non-traditional and non-academic subjects, as well as academic subjects. The idea of folk high schools is learning for life, an opportunity to grow both individually, socially, and academically in small learning communities”. He also informed us that Solborg has 150 students and 8 courses. Caroline and Simen were part of a sports course.

Terje is one of the teachers at Solborg and Caroline and Simen students at the same institution. The three were part of a group of fifteen staying at Chanters Lodge as part of their visit to Zambia. Terje told listeners that he usually took a group to Kenya during the Norwegian winter, but had hesitated to do so this year due to the elections in that country and the possible threat of violence. He had chosen Zambia instead. He said he was happy that he had done so and that he and the students were having a great time in this country.

The students told listeners that they had spent time in Lusaka as well as in Kafue National Park before moving down to Livingstone where they had, amongst other activities, spent two nights living in a village some 20 kms from Livingstone. “How was it?” We wondered. “Interesting!” Seemed to be the reply! “No electricity and purely Zambian food” They added! The group had also had a wonderful two day one night safari to Chobe NP in Botswana and had been excited to see both lion and leopard, as well of course, as hundreds of elephant. For all of the group it was their first visit to Zambia.

The music on the show was great, featuring tracks from Maroon 5, Bastille, K.Koke ft Rita Ora and Justin Timberlake. George dropped tracks from Mampi – ‘Nikutantule’ (‘let me put you out of stock’!) and our very own Shyman’s ‘Longa Katundu’ (‘pack your bags if you’re being abused’). Milli Jam featured awesome tracks from Emeli Sande and Brandy. Our oldie of the week was a Buddy Holly track ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ but no-one could text us the name of the artist on the record to win the prize of a dinner for two at the lodge! I won! (I’d watched the movie of the same name during the week!).

Whilst in Livingstone for a few days following the show, the group would have a ‘Surprise Day’ the next day and then would continue with school visits and interacting with the local population which was part and parcel of their visit to Zambia. Surprisingly Milli Jam did not start interrogating our Guests about relationships on this show! Our Guests did not show a huge amount of interest in football, though Caroline admitted to being a Manchester United fan and Simen Real Madrid. Simen, Caroline and Terje told listeners that they were very excited to have been granted an audience with former Zambian Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda before their return to Norway, and that they were very much looking forward to the meeting in Lusaka.

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing 10 years from now, Simen said he wanted to be involved in sales and marketing as well as boxing, telling listeners that he was a former junior amateur boxing champion back in Norway. Caroline wanted to be involved in helping people with special needs such as Down’s Syndrome. Terje hoped to be retired but still bringing groups to Africa twice per year and given their great experience this year in Zambia, he hoped this country would be very much on their itinerary!

We wished the group the best of luck for the rest of their visit to Zambia, and in the future.



George ‘Kaufela’ co-presenter of our weekly Sunday night radio show The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Kaufela recently conducted an on line interview with one of Zambia’s most talented yet underrated radio presenters, Nawa Kabika aka LBC (above), QFM’s “Power Breakfast show” host. Nawa is also a businessman, freelance mobile disc-jockey and one third of Zambia’s first ever and most promising house music trio ‘Avocado’. Here’s the conversation!

Who is LBC?

I am a rare breed.

Why the Name LBC?
It was a stage name bestowed upon me by my brother K-Smash because I am literally the last born in a family of four

How would you define yourself in one word?


Tell us about your background and education?

I am the only male in a family of four, I went to Libala Secondary School after which I started work, then I pursued a post graduate course in Marketing (CIM) from the London School Of Marketing

What was your first job and how much did you make?
I worked at radio Phoenix, hosting late nights on weekends in 2002, I was taking home K500,000 per month in old money!

How did you get into radio?
After high school, I joined the Radio 4 Fun Club were I learned the basics of broadcasting, this is where I met colleagues such as Kaliwa, Big Al, Dj Dazzle, Flex, Ojay, Lina Zulu and a few others

What was the first show you hosted/co-hosted and on which station?

I co-hosted “Calling Our Members” a Radio 4 Fun Club show and at Phoenix I co-hosted K-smash Friday night show from 18.00-21.00 hrs before I could handle my own slot.

You are most famous for morning shows on QFM. How did you get on to the breakfast show?

The first show I hosted was “The Late Night Q” from 22.00 hrs – 02.00 hrs for two months, then one day the programmes manager told me they had decided on a new line up and I was the morning host, I was shocked.

What would you say are your best qualities when it comes to radio?

My listeners would best answer that one

How do you handle the female attention?

When you last in the industry for this long, female attention moves down to the bottom of your “pressure ladder” unless its Kim Kardashian, Lisa Raye McCoy or Beyonce

What is you saddest moment? Happiest moment? On and off radio

Too many happy memories to remember – I seldom have sad ones.

What was the first car you bought?
I still own it, a 1997 two Door Rav 4 sport

Best chillin’ place in Lusaka?

No place like home!


Ngoma Awards 2012

I am very proud of the Ngoma Award I won in 2008 for my years of contribution to the development of musicians in Zambia and am very happy to see that the awards are coming back. The picture above is of my ‘Grammy’! Thanks to George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-presenter of our Sunday night radio show, for this piece.

The 15th Annual Ngoma Awards which are designed to recognize artistes in creative writing, visual arts, and theatre as well as media arts are slated on Wednesday, 19th December, 2012. The awards which are hosted by the National Arts Council of Zambia (NAC) and sponsored by Zambian Breweries are back after a two year hiatus.

This year in the category of the Chairman’s Award there is an opportunity for Zambians in the Diaspora who have attained outstanding achievement in the arts, in film, music, literature, visual arts, theater, dance, acting to be honored. The criteria are as follows: “A Zambian in Diaspora; man or woman of Zambian descent who has attained outstanding achievements in the arts sector in their country of residence or further.”

On Wednesday 29th November the Awards Nomination party was held at LIV Club in Lusaka. From 18 hrs -21 hrs.where some nominees were revealed.

Some of the nominees include.

Macky 2 nominated for the Emmanuel Mulemena award for best male performer

Mampi nominated for the Joyce Nyirongo award for best female performer.

Abel Chungu nominated for the Alick Nkhata award for best vocal recording — and Scarlet nominated for most promising upcoming performer.

Ngosa, Mazuba and Nambeye, the social media ladies! —.

Local artist Exile nominated for the Emmanuel Mulemena award for best male

We certainly hope these Awards we be more organized then the born n bred Video Awards.


Miracle Miles

This from Lusaka Lowdown
Miracle Miles

Thirteen thousand nautical miles. Sixteen thousand road miles. Two thousand five hundred patients. Seven hundred and thirty operations. Six months. This is the gruelling schedule of the doctors at medical charity, FlySpec. Up until just a few months ago, I had never heard of FlySpec although I had, of course, heard about the mover and the shaker behind FlySpec, John Jellis OBE (above), well known Lusaka-based Orthopaedic Surgeon. If you have been here for any length of time then, I am sure, like me this will be the first name that comes to mind if someone breaks an arm or a leg and he will have treated either you or one of your family over the years.

FlySpec is a flying medical service which takes free orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery and more recently prosthetic and orthotic services by air, to disabled people in rural communities all over Zambia; places where such specialist surgery is not otherwise available. Originally set up by John, his partner who is also a pilot is Goran Jovic, a Serbian reconstructive plastic surgeon. Between the two of them, and the odd visiting volunteer specialist, they traverse the length and breadth of this vast country, either by air or by road and when they get there they treat patients who would otherwise have gone untreated. Some of their patients have congenital deformities, but others have deformities as a result of accidents or bone infections. Over sixty percent of their patients are physically disabled children.

In addition to the operations and other treatment, they also work with the Zambian Italian Orthopaedic Hospital workshop to provide prosthetic and orthotic services to disabled people, delivering seven or eight devices per month to both male and female patients, giving them mobility in the already tough rural environment in which they live.

And the statistics are impressive – 2573 consultations and 733 operations in the first six months of 2012, almost 3500 consultations and 936 operations in the first 8 months of 2011. And all for a cost of less than $150 per operation.

But now disaster has struck. During recent routine maintenance, metal particles were found in the oil filter of their Cessna 206 aircraft. Metal particles indicate serious trouble and the aircraft has been grounded. This does not mean that FlySpec is at a standstill, as the pilots of Flying Mission Zambia (FMZ) give their time for free. But FMZ cannot keep their aircraft on the ground for a few days whilst John and Goron carry out their consultations and operations. This means they are dropped at a remote hospital and then picked up again, doubling fuel and aircraft operating costs.

A factory overhauled engine for the FlySpec aircraft costs $44,000. Shipping and importation will cost about $10,000 while the 40-hours of work to refit the engine and the necessary overhaul of other components will cost a further $12,000. Making it $66,000 in all.

FlySpec does have an aircraft contingency reserve account and $25,000 has been paid from this account toward the new engine. The Beit Trust has also given FlySpec a grant of $ 30,000 and €15,000 has been received through Stichtung Muli Shani from supporters in the Netherlands meaning that they have sufficient to cover the cost of the new engine.

Now all that remains is to find the funds to cover the increased cost of flying to keep this worthwhile charity and its dedicated doctors in the air and in the operating theatre until the new engine arrives. Despite promises of a six week lead time we all know that it is likely that this will be longer. Then they have to get the engine here, have it cleared and then have it fitted and then have it all checked before they can take to the skies again.

For more information or if you are able to help in any way, please contact John Jellis on email loret.jej@iconnect.zm



From: Lusaka Times

Q & A session with Zambia’s Fast Raising Singer Roberto (above)

:Tell us about you recently released album “My name is…”
ROBERTO: Well “My Name Is…” has been in the making for over 3 years now, it is a very personal album to me, as it brings out stories of situations I have gone through and witnessed through the years.

: Do you feel you have grown as an artist since your first album?
ROBERTO: Most definitely, it’s important to learn from challenges in life, take both positive and negative criticism and be a better person; I have managed to produce and write the entire album alone except for two songs.

7:How did you get started as a DJ?
ROBERTO: Many think I started from Radio then went into music lol, I actually went for a radio interview on Radio Hot Fm while promoting my 1st album and I was on radio with Hope, so during the interview she was like, you actually sound good on radio and we took in some calls asking people if they wanted me to co-host her drive time show for a week, and a week later I got calls from radio stations all over and was offered a job at Qfm as I was at Hot Fm on a voluntary basis, so that’s how my radio career started

: Does being a DJ on Q FM bring about a conflict of interests, i.e. Are you tempted to promote your music more than other local artists?
ROBERTO: The only conflict I face is regarding my time schedule as I have at times reject certain offers because of one of the two jobs. I set a principle not to play my own music but help other artists promote their music, I love Zambian music and I feel I can help others; I’m already on radio so it would be unfair to promote my own music while doing my shows

Do you feel Zambian music gets enough air play as compared to international music?
ROBERTO: First of all I feel some stations are doing a great job promoting Zambian music, then again other stations are hesitant to promote our Music for reasons best known to themselves, others blame the monotony in the sound and content of music.

: Since you came on to the scene how has the Zambian music has industry improved?
ROBERTO: It surely has changed and grown in some areas, and I foresee a situation where Zambian music will dominate Africa, its unfortunate that we do not have much support from the outside market, but I have already seen the interest by many radio stations outside Zambia playing our music and so it is growing and improving

: One of my favorite songs of yours is “Operator” from your first album, I still have it on my playlist to this day. Do you have an all-time favorite song out of all that have been released?
ROBERTO: Wow!!! Operator will always be a classic in my world, I would say Operator as well but of-course with every album comes a song that just gets a little more repeats than the others, its crazy but fun lol

: How has the response been from the fans towards your new album, which song do you enjoy performing the most?
ROBERTO: Response has been terrific and so motivating, when I was putting this album together I had to challenge myself on every song so I could only imagine how everyone would receive the songs more especially the songs I did in English but the response is just motivation for me, I love performing SALAULA and GOOD WOMAN

:You are currently promoting your single “Good Woman”, tell us about the song.
ROBERTO: “Good Woman” is a personal Confession, its interesting as songs like “Love You More”, “Chawama” & “Good Woman” I wrote for my girlfriend after the many situations we would face in our relationship, what I talk about in the song are issues I went through or she complained about!

: Are you promoting your album internationally, how has been the response.
ROBERTO: Yes I am, I have been blessed enough to have a great team working with me to ensure we reach out to countries all over the world, the feedback we are getting is worth a million smiles, the radio stations and people have been so supportive. Zambians abroad have also been so helpful in spreading the word about my music, it’s been amazing!! I am truly thankful

: Besides music what other interests do you have?
ROBERTO: I am in love with directing and script writing videos & films, I studied computer programming so I have a huge passion for Computer programming, I also love graphic design.

: Is there anything your fans will be surprised to know about you .
ROBERTO: I don’t like tomatoes, I don’t eat cheese and I cant speak Bemba fluently yet I sing it

Any last words…….
ROBERTO: It would be unfair if i didnt say my many thanks to everyone who is supporting my music my works and the entire BrathaHood Music camp, Ozzy, Mandela, Manas & Young Riko. We owe our achievements to everyone taking time to support our works, our families and friends THANK YOU


Salif Keita in Lusaka

It’s all about visiting artists at the moment in Zambia. Following on from Trevor Noah’s sold out show, comes Salif Keita – check this from Times Of Zambia

The date is set for “Africa’s Golden Voice” Salif Keita who makes his first road trip to Zambia amid high expectations from enthusiastic fans. Thursday October 4th it is! Salif undisputedly stands among the most famous, world recognised, French speaking artistes. This unique musical fiesta set for the new Government complex will avail masses of Salif’s enthusiast to be spellbound by some of his famous hits such as ‘Africa’, ‘Tekere’, ‘Madan’, ‘Folon’, and ‘Mandjou’.

Pegged at K100,000 per head and with an audience expected to slightly overshoot 1200, Zambia’s well-known and loved legendary Sakala Brothers will be at hand to open Salif’s show in style. They are the official curtain raisers for this highly anticipated concert.

To be more precise about this recital. No true fan of African music would miss this for anything in the world as it will be a truly exceptional and unique experience with energetic dances and great harmonies. All this courtesy of the French Embassy in Zambia and the Alliance Francais.

Salif is a member of Malian royalty, a direct descendent of Sundiata Keita, the Mandinka warrior king who founded the Malian empire in the 13th century. However, he was also born an albino, which in Mali and some other parts of the world, is perceived (by some) as a sign of bad luck. In his experience, Salif was initially shunned and ostracised by his family and community alike but chose to sing out against his personal situation with his golden voice.

His talent, spirit and drive permitted him acceptance among a public that might have initially shunned his music. Keita has since become one of the more renowned musicians from the African continent with a broad international audience.

He is no stranger of being perceived different.



Trevor Noah In Lusaka

Judging from the comments on Twitter from Zambian girls Mr Noah is almost as much in demand as Zambian National Soccer Team Coach Herve Renard – and undoubtedly funnier! Get in! Oh! And the tickets are apparently sold out already! Others on Twitter say ‘we don’t care, we’re going there to get a glimpse!’

South African Stand-up comedian Trevor Noah will be performing in Zambia on 30th November at government complex.The South African comedian who is currently living in the United States has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host.

Born to a (white) Swiss father and (black) South African mother. His mixed-race heritage, his experiences growing up in a Soweto township, and his observations about race and ethnicity are leading themes in his comedy.

Noah has performed all around South Africa in The Blacks Only Comedy Show, Heavyweight Comedy Jam, the Vodacom Campus Comedy Tour, the Cape Town International Comedy Festival, the Jozi Comedy Festival, and Bafunny Bafunny. His stand up comedy specials include The Daywalker, and Crazy Normal both of which have been released on DVD.

Following his Daywalker performance Noah began hosting his own TV Show ‘Tonight with Trevor Noah’ which aired on South Africa’s MNet network.On 6 January 2012 Noah became the first South African stand up comedian to appear on The Tonight Show.

Noah is also the subject of the documentary You Laugh But It’s True which will be released in 2012

Tickets on sale at all KFC outlets .


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