Richard Experiences The ‘Experience’!

Check the photo above! Yes that’s me on The Chanters Lodge Experience as the guest last Sunday with host Milli Jam over my shoulder! The tables were turned! ‘Why would you guest on your own show’ I hear you ask. Well our scheduled guest had a last minute problem and was unable to appear, so co-hosts Milli Jam and George Kaufela quickly said ‘it’s a long time since we interviewed you Richard, you’ll have to do it!’ For the uninitiated The Experience is our weekly radio show airing every Sunday evening at 20.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm and is a great mixture of music and chat. Each week we give away a prize of a dinner for two to the first person to text us the answer to a simple question – usually who’s singing our ‘oldie of the week’. This week the answer was James Blunt and the response was fantastic – not always the case.

So, what did they ask me? How long had I been in Zambia? – 32 years. When did I open Chanters Lodge? – 1998. What was I doing before I came to Livingstone? – I was general manager of what is now called Southern Sun Ridgeway Hotel, then just Ridgeway Hotel in Lusaka. How did I get into the hotel industry? – I studied hotel management at Middlesex University for 4 years. What did I do between the time I qualified and the time I came to Zambia? – A lot! Namely, working in various hotels in UK followed by stints in Mombasa Kenya, Mahe Seychelles, Lake Malawi and Jos, Nigeria. I was able to give listeners some insights into the highs and lows of working in the hotel industry across Africa.

The music on the show was great, once we’d sorted out one or two technical issues (it was one of those nights I’d say!) The guys opened with ‘World In Our Hands’ a great new track from Taio Cruz back to back with Drake’s smash single ‘Take Care’ recorded with Rihanna. George chose Naeto C’s ‘5 & 6’ – topical as the star is due to perform in Lusaka this Friday night. He coupled this track with Pompi ft Exile and their ‘Chipolopolo Remix’. Milli Jam featured Kelly Rowland’s ‘Work It More’ back to back with Ace Hood featuring Chris Brown with ‘Body To Body’. James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ was the ‘oldie of the week’ from which we moved on to Trey Songz hit ‘Top Of The World’ closing with ‘Do Ya Thing’ by Rihanna.

The guys asked me about my ‘history in broadcasting’ and I explained to listeners that my first experience of the media was in Nigeria where I occasionally appeared on state television in interview programmes. During my time in Lusaka we had organized Christmas and Easter entertainment specials featuring the Cool Knights, Lubumbashi Stars, Akim Simukonda etc in conjunction with Field Ruwe, Errol Hickey and late Timmy Mvula. I’d become well known on radio through the Ridgeway Radio Request Show, a very popular Sunday night music show on national radio in 1984/5, which I hosted. We had started the Chanters Lodge Experience on 107.7 fm in 2007.

Asked where I would like to be and what I would like to be doing in 2021 (!), I said I hoped I was still in Livingstone but working rather less, and that my children were all doing well.

The tables were turned indeed!


Born N’ Bred 2011

George da Soulchild ‘Kaufela’ writes:

“2011 Born n Bred Music Video Awards set for December 9th at NIPA

Zambia’s ‘Born n Bred’ music awards are set for December 9th at Nipa College, these are the ultimate music video awards on the Zambian music scene! Last year’s winners included hip-hop artist Slap D, gospel artist Tio, Copperbelt singer Dandy Krazy and R&B singer JK who scooped 5 awards!

Last year’s awards show was held at Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka but this year’s ceremony will be held at NIPA College although I still don’t understand why the venue has changed –  anyway all roads lead to NIPA on 9th December! The big question on everyone’s mind is who will scoop the big prize of the night “Best Music Video Of The Year”. 2011 has seen a huge improvement in music video production in Zambia, making this year probably one of the toughest years the awards have faced, with very stiff competition in all sectors.

‘Born n Bred’ awards are the brainchild of ZNBC radio and TV presenter Innocent Kalaluka aka ‘Smooth IK’. This is the 6th edition of the awards but so far not much information has leaked as to who has, and has not, been nominated. Soulchild can tell you word is that Petersen, JK, ZoneFam, Afunika, Mampi, TY2 and Kaufela, Oga Family and Roberto plus many more will be on hand to offer superb entertainment on the night.

The awards will be aired live on ZNBC TV from 9pm on December 9th.

Don’t miss!”

Naeto C To Rock Lusaka!

George da Soulchild, regular blog contributor and co-host of our popular Sunday night radio show on Zambezi 107.7 fm writes:


“Nigeria singer/rapper Naeto C is set to perform in Lusaka on Friday 2nd December at Hollywood City Night Club alongside local artists, the show is being sponsored by MTN and David Sling Studio, with tickets being priced at K80,000 and K150,000 V.I.P. 

Naetochukwu Chikwe was born on 17th  December 1982 in Houston, Texas of Nigerian origin. Stage name Naeto C, is a Nigerian rapper, afrobeat artist and record producer. The 2008 and 2009 MTV award winner has a huge following in Zambia. 

His first single ‘Kini Big Deals’ from his debut album You Know My “P”  released in May 2008 was well received, as is the first single from his 2011 album ‘Super C Season (10/10)’. I must say it stole many hearts, receiving massive airplay due to huge requests on radio and night clubs. His second single 5 and 6 is also a very good follow up to ten over ten, women seem to dance and sing along to it more than men. It could be words in the song or his style of singing/raping I don’t know, but my prediction is that the show will pack more females than male patrons!

Thanks George, see you there!


Imagine Rural Development Initiative

I found this wonderful project through Steven Putter @stevenputter on Twitter.

Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI), a Zambian registered non-profit organisation, is providing skills-training in moringa cultivation to 30 previously unemployed local Zambian women. This skills-training program forms part of IRDI’s Moringa project, which aims to empower local Zambians through the sustainable production of moringa, an affordable and highly-nourishing superfood, to fight malnutrition, improve health and eradicate poverty. Imagine Rural Development Initiative is providing this skills-training program free of charge to these local women, many of whom are widows and are sole breadwinners in their families and who take care of not only their own children, but also grand-children and orphans who have lost their own parents due to HIV/AIDS and other illnesses.

The 6-month training program covers moringa propagation, planting, crop management, harvesting and processing techniques. It also includes training on making aerobic compost and using moringa-based organic fertilizer to alleviate the need for petroleum-based fertilizers and harmful pesticides.

After successful completion of the training program, these local women will be contracted by IRDI to propagate and plant moringa in rural and peri-urban communities across Zambia. The women will also train local community members in moringa cultivation, creating further empowerment through skills transfer. The women will also have the opportunity to provide their services to other local agricultural co-operatives and independent local farmers.

IRDI aims to create sustainable income-generating opportunities for program beneficiaries, and this skills-training program will empower these local women to provide a secure future for themselves and their families. By completing this program, the women will be able to support themselves financially within the next 6 months. Although our local women’s group want to improve their livelihoods by learning new skills, the reality is that they still need to put food on their tables, provide shelter for their families, pay for transport and send their children to school.

100% of donations to this appeal will go directly to these women to assist with living costs for themselves and their dependents, including food, transport and school fees. A donation of $25.00 will cover a week’s living expenses for one woman engaged full-time on our skills-training program. Our goal is to help raise $3000.00 a month for 6 months to provide financial support for the 30 women in the group for the full duration of their training.

While IRDI provides skills-training to empower these women, you can give them the peace of mind of having their basic living costs covered while they are in training. We will provide regular updates, feedback and photo’s on IndieGoGo, from the women who receive your donations.


More Ty2

George da Soulchild (aka Kaufela) co-host of our Sunday night radio show on 107.7 fm wrote a follow up piece to my blog about Zambia’s sensational Ty2!

“Local ragea/ragga artist Mbangweta Mwendaweli aka Ty2 has one of the most powerful voices on the local music scene, some compare his style to that of award winning American musician Shaggy. Ty2’s biggest hit so far has to be his cross over song “Smile” from his first hit album of the same title, released under Mondo Music Co-operation, recorded under David Sling Studio “Sling Beats”in 2004. By 2005 the song had become an anthem receiving massive airplay on most Zambian radio stations and some outside Zambia as well. ‘Smile’ earned Ty2 a nomination at the Koral Awards (in the best international ragga/regea category) held in South Africa the same year.

Two years down the line music fans began to forget Ty2 – the biggest contributory factor must have been the three years he spent in England – but the Zambian music landscape was changing so fast that if you weren’t in it you’d be left behind – as is the case now with most pioneers of the so called ‘new Zambian music’ who all seem to be struggling with sales and shows. Ty2’s last two albums were fair but not well received by Zambian music fans, resulting in low CD sales. His signing with JK and Kayombo’s promotion/distribution company “Jakayo” didn’t really seem to help.

Now in 2011 TY2’s new single “Spotlight” featuring Kaufela, produced by Roni of Raising Sounds in Livingstone, seems to be turning things up for him, putting him back in the spotlight where he should be! He has the whole country dancing and singing along. The song’s music video has received a lot of hits on YouTube and is also receiving major airplay on local TV stations. Music critics predict that the song might just be as big for Ty2 as ‘Smile’.

Rumour has it that Ty2 is currently recording his new project with Raising Sounds Studio in Livingstone, I listened to some of his new music and it sounds good, new and improved. It’s usually hard for musicians anywhere in the world to make a comeback but it looks like Ty2 has it figured out and I wish him all the best.”

And so say all of us!


Ty2 Enjoys ‘The Experience’

We felt privileged to host Zambian singing sensation Ty2 (real name Mbangweta Mwendaweli) as our guest on the latest edition of The Chanters Lodge Experience with The Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild – that’s our regular radio show airing on Zambezi 107.7 fm every Sunday night at 20.30 hrs and streaming live on the internet. That’s Ty2 in the picture above. “How did you get the name Ty2”? Milli Jam wanted to know at the top of the show. Ty2 explained that when he was at school he had (wrongly!) been considered short in stature – as was the then president of Zambia Frederick Titus Chiluba. His school mates had christened him Titus 2 and he had shortened this to Ty2 for the stage and the name had stuck! His break through into singing had come initially from singing in church. People likened his voice to Shaggy and Buster Rhymes and he liked both these artists.

Ty2 told listeners he’d been in the music business for ten years and had released three albums with a fourth – ‘Forever’ recorded and close to release. He also had his own company Big Buoy Ltd handling micro finance, buying and selling vehicles as well as operating a boutique in Lusaka. He and his wife are also planning to open a phone shop soon. Married with two children, Ty2 explained that he was in Livingstone for two shows, one at Elite Apartments and one at Vision Pub and Restaurant. He said both shows had been packed and his performance had gone down very well. He said the most popular of his tracks at his shows was ‘Smile’.
The music on the show was excellent as usual. We opened with the current UK number one ‘Read All About It’ by Professor Green featuring Emile Sande, back to back with Bruno Mars and ‘Runaway Baby’ – real rock and roll that one. Of course we featured two of Ty2’s tracks – ‘VIP’ very recently recorded and ‘Spotlight’ featuring Kaufela (aka George Soulchild). Super track ‘Spotlight’ and Milli Jam confirmed that the track was hot in the Livingstone clubs. Milli Jam himself featured ‘She Doesn’t Mind’ by Sean Paul (he does love that one!). Our oldie of the week was the Bee Gees with ‘Night Fever’. Listeners found it tough to tell us who was singing the track – we’ll make it easier next week! We also featured ‘When I Was A Youngster’ by Rizzle Kicks and Amy Winehouse ft Nas with ‘Like Smoke’ from her upcoming posthumous album.

Ty2 told listeners that his ambition remained to become known internationally for his music. He would one day love to win an MTV Award. On an international note we were delighted to get messages during the show from both London and Paris from people listening to the programme live on the internet.


A Family Affair

The Chanters Lodge Experience – our weekly Sunday night radio show broadcasting at 20.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station – was very much a family affair last Sunday! Why? Well two of the guests were Chanters – Mike (standing) and Alexandra (right) in the photo above – they were accompanied by their friend Cleo Kashimba. We had a lot of fun on the show! Mike, Alex and Cleo have been staying at Chanters in Livingstone for a few days – visiting after a long time away.
Mike, who raps under the name of ‘Liquid Danger’ told listeners that he’s still trying to make his way on the music scene in Lusaka and has recorded about 10 tracks with FlyBy Studios. He hopes to be able to release his first album soon, meanwhile he manages to perform shows in Lusaka most weekends. We featured one of his tracks called ‘Ngwila Mic’. When I asked what the words meant (it’s performed mostly in vernacular) the assembled company, including Milli Jam and George da Soulchild, co-hosts of the show, all looked at each other and smirked saying very little! Just imagine! I had to……..
“How did you meet these people“? Milli Jam asked Cleo. “I met Mike at FlyBy Studios in Lusaka” she replied “and Alexandra cos she’s Mike’s sister”. “Are you also a musician”? Milli Jam wanted to know. Cleo replied that she was and that she had recorded three songs in her one and a half years on the Lusaka music scene. We dropped one of her tracks ‘Manzi Na Pompey’ and all agreed that she has a great voice (and looks for that matter). She told listeners that she would like to go back to school soon to study law, while still furthering her musical career. “Are you married”? Milli Jam predictably wanted to know. Cleo giggled. “In a relationship”? He persisted. “It’s complicated”! She replied. “Facebook status” said Milli Jam.
Milli Jam asked Alex how long she’d been back in Zambia and what she was doing and she told listeners she’d been home since July and that she was on something of a gap year, having completed the South African equivalent of Grade 12 in 2010. She hoped to study journalism in the future with a view to working in the media and/or fashion. “Did you know Alex has also recorded a track”? Mike asked. We didn’t, Alex explained that the song was performed in Zulu (translated as ‘Lose Your Mind’), in which she was fluent.
The music on the show was good. We played ‘Princess of China’ by Coldplay ft Rihanna, back to back with Akon’s ‘Conspiracy’ at the top of the show. After Mike and Cleo’s tracks Milimo featured ‘You’re The Boss’ a great number from Rick Ross featuring Nicki Minaj coupled with ‘Loving You No More’ by Dirty Money featuring Drake. Our oldie of the week was Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wings’ – an easy track for listeners to guess who the performing artists were. We ask this question every week and the first listener to text us the right answer wins a dinner for two with drinks at Chanters lodge. The prize was quickly won.
The show was interrupted by Charles Chulu, Station Manager of Zambezi fm (wearing a Man U shirt and a sad look 1-6) who proceeded, to my surprise, to present me with a framed certificate from the station for the ‘Most Innovative Contribution Award’. Nice – one assumes the cash will follow behind!! Seriously I was touched and grateful.
Alex told listeners her favourite musicians at the moment were Nicki Minaj, Adele and Corinne Bailey Rae, Mike was into Lil Wayne. Cleo opted for Rihanna and a local artist Mampi.

The guys had not had much time for activities while they’d been in Livingstone but they had featured on Muja Blaze’s show on Zambezi fm the previous day, and were lined up to play at Zambezi Sun the following day. They’d also done some clubbing. The three hoped to be able to take a walk with lions and cheetah’s before returning to Lusaka. Asked about where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing ten years from now, Cleo said ‘settled and successful around the world’, Mike ‘still on top and rich’ while Alex replied ‘married with two children, working, successful and independent’. Nice!


CRI$I$ Mr Swagger

George da Soulchild writes:

C.R.I.$.I.$ or Crisis Mr. Swagger is Zambia’s premiere Hip-Hop artist with the fastest growing international presence of any of our artists. He is currently is working on a new album to be titled ‘B.I.G (Business is Good).’ This forthcoming release is part of a major plan as the artist moves to another level in his career. The album boasts high powered production from Canada’s Bos Beats on the song ‘Make The Crowd Go’. It also has production by fast rising US producer Youg Fyre. Fyre has also recently produced a song called ‘How To Hate’ for Lil Wayne and was in charge of production for T-Pain’s PreVolver Mixtape. B.I.G will also include production from C.R.I.$.I.$. The album track listing has not been finalized but, Houston rapper Lil Flip is confirmed to make an appearance on a song called ‘Since You Hate Me’. The song has been officially released and is available on iTunes and at other online stores.

C.R.I.$.I.$ is currently nominated for the Channel-O Music Video Award in the category for MOST GIFTED AFRICAN SOUTHERN VIDEO. His song ‘The Fire Inside – Produced by Bos Beats and Young Fyre’ will be competing with some of the best acts out of Southern Africa. Voting closes on the 27th of October, 2011 and he is scheduled to perform at the awards ceremony.

This year already saw C.R.I.$.I.$ win a BEFFTA Award for BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT: In February, 2011 he was nominated for the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Arts Award (BEFFTA). He faced stiff competition as he was competing against M.I (Nigeria), 2 Face (Nigeria), Ali Kiba (Tanzania) and Faly Ipupa (Congo DR). Based on a global vote, the BEFFTA Award for BEST INTERNATIONAL ACT was given to C.R.I.$.I.$.

In 2010 he shared the stage with Akon and Sean Paul in Harare Zimbabwe. It was a successful show with an attendance of 48,000 people at the Harare National Sports Stadium which was was almost filled to capacity. He also performed at an MTV Event during the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa sharing the stage with Liquid Deep & Zulu Boy

C.R.I.$.I.$. aka Crisis Mr. Swagger is a Zambian born Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/CEO of his own independent music label called Diamond Chain Services in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. 35,000+ CD’s and Cassettes sold in Lusaka alone, C.R.I.$.I.$.’s album Officer in Charge (released January 2005). First hip-hop record, produced and released in Zambia by a Zambian artist. Second album, The Diamond Chain Mixtape reached another milestone by becoming the first Zambian Mixtape to be released commercially in Zambia. 2008-Released the album called, ‘Designer.’ C.R.I.$.I.$. isn’t showing signs of stopping as he continues to venture out of Zambia and into the international Hip-Hop market.


Then And Now

“Good morning Richard, your daily updates are really something I look foward to everyday. Good for information and good for your business. Age does not seem to be slowing you down. Remember from your days as General Manager at Ridgeway hotel I was a member of that cosy bar Copper Horse and always enjoyed meals in the Musuku restraunt with regular entertainment provided by Ackim Simukonda and PK Chishala. Remember your regular client Kelvin Siame my big guy? We talk about our times at Ridgeway but all this is gone with you. The hospitality industry is dull without you. I spent a weekend at your lodge in Livingstone in 2006, enjoyed the serene arrangement, your workers were good but best of all the food was excellent!”

“Richard and his staff are excellent host to the lovely part of Africa. He picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at the end. For Africa, these accommodations are good but for individuals expecting Holiday Inn level will be disappointed. It`s Africa, get over it. If you are looking for Holiday Inn you will be paying through the nose ($300+ USD min) for a basic western hotel. Livingstone only has a number of accommodations and are all overpriced (including the activities), go with Chanters to save your money and put it towards paying for the activities”

Thanks to the contributors! The photos? I’m sure you can work out what’s what!


Emirates To Fly To Zambia!


“Emirates is launching flights to two new African destinations from February next year. The airline will be offering five flights per week from Dubai to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, from 1st February 2012.

Travellers visiting Zambia or Zimbabwe with Emirates will be within easy reach of Victoria Falls- the largest waterfall in the world. Labelled a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls is 1.7km wide and cascades over 100 metres. Both destinations also have world-class national safari parks for any travellers wishing to observe some African wildlife.

Passengers travelling with Emirates to Zambia and Zimbabwe will be able to experience Emirates’ luxurious First and Business Class cabins. The A330-200 operating the route has a three-class configuration with 12 First Class seats, 42 Business Class seats and 183 Economy seats. Guests in all classes of travel will enjoy meals prepared by gourmet chefs, as well as hundreds of channels of entertainment and the facility to send and receive emails and text messages.

“Emirates has long understood the enormous potential of Africa, which today is one of the fastest-expanding economic regions of the world, benefitting from a combined market of over one billion people, rising consumer demand and an abundance of natural resources,” said His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive, Emirates Airline & Group.

“Zambia and Zimbabwe will be our 20th and 21st African destinations and their addition to our global network will enable us to provide new flexibility and choice for customers, help to grow trade routes and create important new inbound and outbound markets for tourism,” added His Highness.”

Now, all we need is a direct flight from Europe to Livingstone. Come on!

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