Mike and Anne Gough

Meet Anne and Mike Gough (above), Guests on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz. ‘The Experience’ is our weekly radio show airing every Sunday night from 20.30-21.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station. Teachers both, Mike works at The Arnewood School, New Milton, Hampshire in UK while wife Anne is at The Island Learning Centre on the Isle of Wight. Mike is also head of the IT centre at Arnewood as well as the international co-ordinator. Anne’s learning centre helps children with learning difficulties prepare for a return to ‘regular’ school.

“How long have you been married?” Milli Jam asked at the top of the show, Mike sighed (though he denied it) and replied “thirty five years”. Anne and Mike told listeners that they have three daughters and one seven year old grandson – clearly the apple of his grandparents’ eye!

The Goughs explained that they were in this country to research a proposed trip to Zambia for Arnewood students in 2016. They were planning to bring a group of 12/15 youngsters for a month. They told listeners that the students’ itinerary would hopefully include time spent at Hillcrest School in Livingstone with Hillcrest students later travelling to UK on an exchange basis. There would be time spent working at the Butterfly Tree projects at Mukuni Village, building structures with money raised by the students in UK for the project. There would be a safari in Botswana as part of the trip and a week spent volunteering at lion encounter.
Mike and Anne told listeners they had arranged many successful trips in the past to countries as varied as Bolivia, Siberia and Tibet. There was a lot of work involved in planning, as well as selling the trip to prospective students and parents.

The music on the show was good with latest hit tracks from Sigma, The Vamps, David Guetta and Ed Sheeran. Jay and Milli Jam chose recordings from One Direction, Chris Brown and Zambian artists Eddy and Judy. Our oldie of the week was Brook Hogan’s ‘For A Moment’ and the prize we give to the first person to text us telling us the name of the performing artist was won by Mitch, who earned himself dinner for two with drinks at the lodge.

Mike revealed that he was a Liverpool supporter which pleased Jay who is too, and these people spent time congratulating each other on that afternoon’s win again Manchester City. Milli Jam and I were rather irked by this mutual admiration, and felt pleased that the lovely Anne had no interest whatsoever in football. As a couple Mike and Anne love cricket and are executive members at Hampshire County Cricket Club.

They told listeners that they had returned from a two day safari in Botswana that afternoon, they had very much enjoyed the outing and had been lucky to see a vast array of wildlife including lion and, Anne’s favourite, warthogs. They hoped to have time to do some of the many other tourist activities available around Victoria Falls during their stay, but ruled out the bungee jump!

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing in ten years’ time Anne said she would like to be on the silk trail exploring China, while Mike wanted to be revisiting communities he and his students had helped in the past, in different countries around the world. We thanked this interesting happy couple for guesting on the show and wished them well in the planning for their trip. We looked forward to welcoming some of their students as Guests on our programme in a couple of years’ time!


The Massaj Experience!

Meet Davison Munsanda Junior, better known to Livingstone residents, especially club goers, as Pivot Massaj, well known DJ, MC as well as clearing and forwarding agent, pictured above centre with Jay-Hillz (left) and Milli Jam (right). Pivot was our Guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay-Hillz, our regular Sunday night radio show airing at 20.30 hours for an hour every week on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station.

Pivot told listeners that he had chosen the stage name ‘Pivot’ because he felt at the time that the music scene in Livingstone revolved around the music he was playing in clubs, and the rap he was singing in shows. He added ‘Massaj’ because his music soothes the nerves as well as the soul. He is not a young man ‘backward in coming forward’ as my late mother might have said! Currently he is studying events management, whilst being a regular DJ at East Point, one of Livingstone’s most popular night spots, located near the temporary bus station close to the old North Western Hotel. He is also working in the family’s clearing and forwarding business.”How do you find time to do all that you do”? Milli Jam wondered and Pivot’s quick reply was “99 Jobs”! He was referring to a hot Zambian hit of that name recorded by Chef 187 about the need for young Zambians to move from one job to another every day to make a living!

Pivot went on to explain that when he first started in the music business his family had been very keen to for him to have a ‘proper job’ and although he’d initially resisted the call, later he’d been obliged to work for the family’s clearing and forwarding agency ‘to keep the peace’. “What’s your biggest problem”? Milli Jam wondered. “Getting enough sleep!” Replied Pivot.

The music on the show was great. We opened as usual with ‘Hey Brother’ from Avicii, quickly followed, after the introductions, by Aloe Blacc’s ‘The Man’ and John Martin’s first solo single ‘Anywhere For You’. We followed with tracks from Kapansa, Rihanna, Daft Punk featuring Jay-Z as well as Mampi, one of Zambia’s hottest singing divas. The track we featured was ‘Nikutantule’.

No-one won the prize we give each week to the first person to text us the name of the artist on our oldie of the week, we featured ‘Bird On A Wire’ from The Neville Brothers. Not even Man U supporters! Our pick of the week was The Wanted’s ‘Glow In The Dark’.

Milli Jam wondered which UK football team supported but when he said ‘Man U’ our presenter quickly moved on to a different subject, wondering whether Pivot was married. He replied that he was spoken for and that he had both a girl friend and a child. This caused some ladies to post on our Facebook page demanding that Pivot should ‘name the girlfriend’ – he failed to do so! We wondered what was the biggest event for which Pivot had been the MC and he replied that a function for the UNWTO general meeting in Livingstone in 2013 had been the biggest. He named his greatest inspiration as our very own Milli Jam explaining to listeners that it was he Milli Jam who had given him his first chance as a DJ and taught him the job. Milli Jam was chuffed to bits!

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing in ten years’ time, Pivot said that he would like to be marketing the country outside Zambia ‘on a bigger platform’, that his future was in God’s hands and that he wished to avoid a lot of the health hazards around in Zambia for the sake of his daughter.
It was a pleasure to welcome this self-confident, hard working, personable young man as the Guest on our show.


The Mark Namakando Experience!

We were happy to introduce a young Zambian musician to our audience when Mark Namakando (above) was our Guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay-Hillz. Our show airs every Sunday evening at 20.30 hrs for an hour on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station. The show is a lively mixture of music and chat, hosted by one of Livingstone’s best loved DJ’s – Milli Jam, ably assisted by up and coming Jay Hillz, co-host of 107.7 fm’s popular Breakfast Show.

Mark told listeners that he is a rap artist and that he mostly performs with another young artist known as PMT – they perform under the name of ‘3 Lettered Kings’. The boys have so far recorded about seven tracks. Mark explained that he raps mostly in English but sometimes in his native Lozi language ‘about how I look at life and society, as well as how I feel’. “Do you rap about relationships?” Milli Jam wondered. “Not yet” came the reply. “Are you in a relationship?” MJ persevered with this line of questions and shyly Mark admitted that yes he was. He revealed his age as 20 and told us that he had completed Grade 12 at Hillcrest Technical Secondary School in Livingstone. (One of Livingstone’s best secondary schools). After Grade 12 Mark had studied for a certificate in marketing from a Livingstone college.

As Mark had revealed to listeners that one of his Zambian musical influences was CRISIS, the guys dropped his latest ‘That’s The Way It Is’ on the show. We also played tracks from Davido, Chris Brown ft Aliyah, General Ozzy, Sam Smith, Martin Garrix, 5 Seconds of Summer and Faul ft Wa Dad vs Pneu.

Mark revealed that he, like Jay Hillz, is a big fan of Liverpool FC in UK and both were delighted that their team had that evening risen to the top of the EPL. They were totally convinced that the team could stay there until the end of the season and become champions. Mark and Jay Hillz revealed they had met as co-members of Zambezi 107.7 fm’s ‘Fan Club’, when they had auditioned for the station on the same day. They had remained firm friends ever since. Mark told us that after his marketing course he had spent some time on attachment with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation in sales, but had found it tough selling advertising on the national broadcaster to small Livingstone companies. Although they had wanted him to continue after his attachment he had decided to stop and help run the family business.

Still single and the youngest of nine siblings, Mark said that in ten years’ time he hoped to be his own boss, to have started his own business and to have finished his marketing studies, as well as being a big success in music. We wished this personable, likeable, hard working young man all the best in the future and thanked him for appearing on our show.


The Swimming Experience!

We were delighted to welcome Ian Newell (above), international swimming coach and Chief Coach at Shiverers Swimming Club in Brighton (“Hove actually!” Ian corrected us) as Guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay-Hillz, our regular weekly Sunday night radio show airing from 20.30 to 21.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station.

Ian explained to listeners that he was in Livingstone for the weekend, on a break from helping Lusaka Dolphins Swimming Club coach swimmers likely to be in the Zambian team taking part in the Africa Games in Uganda next April. It was Ian’s first time in Zambia, first time in Africa and of course his first time to see the magnificent Victoria Falls. He told us that he would be in the country for a total of about two weeks. He had been comfortable staying at Chanters Lodge and had thoroughly enjoyed the Lady Livingstone sunset cruise on his first afternoon, as well as a microlight flight over the falls during his stay. He had eaten a fantastic high tea at the Royal Livingstone Hotel that very afternoon, and had loved the view from their deck, of the spray from the Falls spreading right across the mighty Zambezi.

Milli Jam wanted to know how the connection had been made between Shiverers Swimming Club in UK and Lusaka Dolphins thousands of miles away in Lusaka. Ian said that it had come about due to a Zambian family visiting UK being allowed to temporarily join Shiverers and train during their stay, and subsequently issuing an invitation to Ian to come to Zambia. Ian told us that he had been a swimming coach for a total of about 45 years having been a good swimmer in his youth before turning to coaching as a career. Jay and Milli Jam wanted to know why generally white people seemed to be better at swimming than black people, and Ian explained that it came down to their different muscle length and bone structure required to become top class swimmers. Ian mentioned that he now had several up and coming black swimmers under his wing at Shiverers.

The music on the show was good, featuring tracks from Enrique Iglesias, Duke Dumont, T-Pain, Roberto and Kanji (both Zambian artists) as well as Tyga. Our oldie of the week was a track from JK and the prize we give to the first person to text us the name of the performing artist was quickly snapped up! My pick of the week was Sia’s ‘Chandelier’.

Ian told listeners that he had never been married and did not have children, he blamed these facts on the intensity of his career – his features only slightly tinged with regret. He clearly regards his swimmers as his ‘children’ and delights in their success all the way up to Olympic standard. He has several youngster whom he thinks may well go all the way to the top of the sport in future. Ian loves football as well as swimming and said he supports his local club Brighton and Hove Albion, as well as Manchester United. We moved quickly on. His musical tastes go mostly back to the 60’s. He’s a fan of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing in ten years’ time, Ian told listeners that as 2024 would be an Olympic year, he would like to be wherever the games would be held with two or three swimmers from Shiverers and some Zambian swimmers competing in the Games!



Scarlet – An Interview

George Mukwita, former co-presenter of the Chanters Lodge Experience and now Lusaka student and socialite recently caught up with the beautiful and talented 26 year old Zambian born and bred singer, songwriter, performing artist, radio presenter, blogger, poet and goodwill ambassador for the Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation, known simply as Scarlet.

The first time George met her was about four years ago in 2010 at So Good Studio, she had just recorded her first song – hearing her voice for the first time he knew there and then she was destined for greatness! Here’s their recent conversation:

George: Congratulations on all your success, what are the things you know now that you wish you’d known before you released your debut album?
Scarlet: The difference good mixing and mastering makes when you’re creating a project, and that rushing to finish makes the end result not uniform. I also wish I’d known how hard I would need to work to promote myself outside my comfort zone!

George: What do you miss most about being less famous than you were?
Scarlet: I used to have a lot more privacy without trying or hiding. I miss that privacy – now I have to be careful about everything I do and say, where I go, what I wear, and with whom I associate.

George: Since you came into public consciousness as a singer/songwriter how different has life been for you?
Scarlet : Life has changed a lot. I have met so many amazing people and been exposed to so much that is new. I’ve also had to do a lot of growing up. I’ve been inspired by so many things and I’ve really learned the meaning of humility. I’ve had to give up stuff too, but I’m not complaining – I love what I do.

George: Talk me through the experience of writing, recording and finally releasing your first album.
Scarlet: We put together what we thought was a clear representation of my full body of work from 2010 to 2012. There were a lot of songs to choose from. I worked with Mutamula Mwale to choose the best tracks. Kangwa from Mfumu Designs and Dominic from Yoka did my album art and sent everything off to South Africa. We had to organize the album launches and listening parties and to do all the radio and TV promotion work. It was a fun journey. I can’t wait to do it all again, especially now that I’ve learned so much!

George: What was the most difficult song to write and record?
Scarlet:  “Nulundilila” because it’s in Nsenga and it has a lot of words as well as a complicated rhythm pattern.

George: Any personal songs on the album? Did you dedicate any song to anyone?
Scarlet: “Remember Me” was for Luchi from Radio Phoneix because he is the one person who has been with me on this journey from the day he discovered me until today, one of my biggest supporters and great friends.

You’re beautiful, with a great voice, you’re a great songwriter and performer – in short you possess all the qualities of a pop idol – what makes Scarlet tick?
Scarlet: I love to read and write, I cook and spend time with loved ones. I like to visit interesting places and listen to a lot of music as well as eating out and watching movies. So that’s what I do when I’m not working or researching for work.

George: What’s your take on the current music scene in Zambia?
Scarlet: The current music scene in Zambia is growing, developing and showing so much positive change. I’m glad to be a part of it at this moment.

George: What are you working on right now?
Scarlet: I’m a full time musician and a part time radio presenter and writer. I work on my music more than anything else. I’m also in the process of launching a career in catering and event management.

George: What radio show do you host?
Scarlet: My show is called ‘The Mahogany Soul Cafe’ and airs every Wednesday and Monday nights on Power FM.

George: What can fans expect from you this year?
Scarlet : This year there will be a couple of singles and videos. Also live shows country wide. I’m also changing my sound a little bit. Right now I’m working on more lifestyle things and my second album.

George: Which Zambian artists do you listen to? With whom would you like to work?
Scarlet : I listen to a lot of artists. I would like to work with Mumba Yachi, ZoneFam, Pompi and Mampi.

George: What are five things people don’t know about Scarlet
Scarlet: I’m horribly short sighted and suffer from terrible stage fright as well as claustrophobia. I’m a really good cook, I’m the oldest of seven girls and I love fresh cream! Is that five?

: (Laughing) Yes! Now we know! Thanks for your time – any last words to fans and readers?
Scarlet: There’s a lot I’m working on and a lot I want to do. I’m grateful to everyone that believes in me and supports what I do. I’ll keep singing and getting better and better for them.

George: We wish you every success!
Scarlet: Thanks!


Stephanie McCourt

This, from UKZambians caught my eye – following in the footsteps of the likes of Anna Mwale, Samantha Mumba and Emile Sande!

“A new emerging talent is about to make waves on the music scene. Soul singer Stephanie McCourt (above) has signed with the UK record company, Unstoppable Music Group. The label is headed by music executive Ben Wynter, who has previously worked with some of the world’s biggest artists, including Destiny’s Child, Nas and Mariah Carey. Stephanie, whose mother is Zambian and father Irish, has been singing since she can remember and says ‘Zambian music is the most beautiful music to me, it has real heart and soul.’

At the age of 9, Stephanie’s parents enrolled her with legendary vocal coach Tona de Brett, who has also trained the vocal pipes of Lily Allen, Dido and Duffy to name a few. Like most aspiring artists, she had a hard time finding someone that would recognise her talents and spent years drifting in and out of bands, working with various producers and trying to find out who she was, creatively.

That all changed when she met music producer EFX, owner of the London based, Hot Money Studios. The beat-maker who has created tracks for Esmee Denters, Jay Sean and Wiley,  introduced Stephanie to Wynter, who instantly saw potential in the young songstress and signed her to his label.

On how her Zambian heritage has influenced her, Stephanie says :

“Zambian culture has had a heavy influence on me. From traditional foods like wild mushrooms and okra yum yum to Rumba music. My mother is from Ndola and in the past I have flown over many times to visit family. I have seen both contrasting parts of Zambia, from the shanty towns, to the Victoria Falls. Livingstone is one of my favourite places on earth, the Falls and wild life took my breath away. My most memorable moment when visiting Zambia and that is still very close to my heart, was when I went to bury my grand-dad. It was my first experience of a traditional Zambian funeral and though extremely heart breaking, it was during this time I got to hear the local choirs which moved me deeply. There were no instruments, just pure voices singing harmony, it was blissful.“

Stephanie’s next step is completing her EP due for release this Spring 2014. She will also be hitting the London music circuit,  performing at numerous venues leading up to its release. On her future the singer says;  ‘Failure isn’t an option, I’m born to sing and now I’m unstoppable so its destiny, things have to work out.’


Music Industry v Music Business

George Mukwita, (above) former co-host of our weekly radio show, now at college in Lusaka, sent through this interesting piece for the blog:

“These days the worldwide recording business seems mainly to exist to promote tours for the artists. Every artist and music producer who is in the business knows that the big money now is mainly in concerts, and not in record or CD sales. Every newly produced song/video is targeted at a certain audience for whom the artist hopes to perform while on tour – the songs and videos promote the artist’s material, mainly for concerts and not album sales. Why? Because there is so much free stuff on the internet these days, illegal downloads have left music stores and outlets in limbo as physical CD sales continue to drop drastically the world over.

In fact these days a lot of artists/musicians choose to personally leak their own music as a marketing strategy – what are they marketing? Certainly not CD sales or iTunes sales – because the music has been released for free, (in music language leaked for free). The objective therefore can be seen to draw as much attention as possible to the track and artist, to popularize their music, create hype and automatically push demand for shows/concerts.

I say this strategy works very well if you are JayZ, Beyonce, U2, One Direction or the like, but my point is that it’s only a selected few that can pull this off. Every other artist and their promoters – especially in developing countries like Zambia – must make it a point to push their work harder on radio, local TV and now very much on the internet. Success in most cases is as a result of a careful and calculated risk mostly undertaken by the promoter and less by the artist.

It’s not always the the most talented artists that headline the biggest concerts or most concerts but often it’s the hard working artist with the best promoter, hence the expression “hard work sometimes beats talent”. Artists and their promoters must go out of their way not to do different things but to do things differently, until even other promoters start calling for shows/concerts starring their artists. Everything starts out in the studio, where producer and artist blend to create sounds that are hopefully appealing to the target market – catchy songs always work! Once this is done, promoters must quickly create a hype, push the songs on TV, the internet and radio as well as organizing newspaper interviews and TV appearances, building a demand for concerts. Every artist dreams of performing at a sold out concert with people singing along to every song!

If you listen carefully to the new music today you may agree with me that it’s recorded in a certain way to make it easier for fans at a concert, whether hearing the music for the first time or not, to sing and dance along to it. Most young urban African artists describe this whole process as “The Music Business” – something 78% of Zambian artists are familiar with but not practicing, as they are still stuck in ‘the music industry’ hoping to make money from selling CD’s – it won’t happen!


Trym & Torkel Fjortoft Guest On The Experience!

Meet Torkel (left) and Trym Fjortoft, Norwegian brothers on their first visit to Africa therefore also Zambia, and guests on the most recent edition of The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay-Hillz. The Experience is our weekly Sunday night radio show, airing from 20.30 – 21.30 hrs (CAT) live on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station. You can listen on line too with the right app.

Torkel and Trym told listeners that although they hail from Tromsoe in the far north of Norway, inside the Arctic Circle, they are currently living in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Trym, the older of the two brothers, explained that having finished a degree course in international relations at the University of Oslo, he is currently working at a youth information centre in Oslo, but hopes to return to university soon to study for a Masters Degree. Torkel is still at Oslo University also studying international relations, specifically American history and politics. “Do you like Oslo?” Milli Jam wondered. “Oslo’s great!” replied the boys in unison!

Torkel and Trym told listeners that they were in Zambia with several other members of their family. Their grandfather, also on the trip, was in Livingstone as part of a group of educationalists visiting student teachers on practicals at various primary schools in the area. The boys had grabbed the opportunity to visit Zambia. “Is Zambia what you expected?” We asked. These tall, handsome young Norwegians said that it was everything they expected and more, they said that Zambian people were amongst the nicest and friendliest people they had ever met. (Not at all an uncommon observation amongst visitors to this country).

The brothers went on to explain that they had been very busy since arriving in the country a week ago. They had visited Mongu in Western Province, where they had been given Lozi names and sampled Zambian food, as well as Chobe NP in Botswana where they had seen a lot of game but unfortunately no big cats. They described Victoria Falls as totally amazing and said they had not realised the Falls were ‘so big and so magnificent’. We nodded knowingly and sagely!

The boys, especially Torkel, a self confessed ‘chart junky’ when it comes to music, loved the tracks we played on the show. We opened, as usual, with Avicii’s ‘Hey Brother’ followed by the latest from Sam Smith. We followed this with A Great Big World’s ‘Say Something’ featuring Christina Aguilera, as well as the latest from Zambia’s Franciar. Milli Jam chose tracks from Shakira and Zambia’s Petersen. Our oldie of the week was Baby Love by The Supremes, but local network problems meant that listeners texting in to try to win the prize we give each week to the first person to text us the name of the artist on the oldie, went unwon. My pick of the week was a new track from Guy Sebastian and we closed with an effort from John Martin.

When asked about sport the boys bemoaned the fact that Norway’s medal haul in the just ended Sochi Winter Olympics had been far below national expectations, plus the fact that Ole Gunnar Solskjær recently appointed Norwegian manager of Wales’s Cardiff City, had made a poor start to his new job.

On the social scene “Do you go clubbing?” Milli Jam wondered, and the boys said that both Oslo and Tromsoe had great clubs. Trym and Torkel then started to discuss why they had not found time to go clubbing in Livingstone, and seemed to decide that this was exactly what they would do after they’d been out to dinner at Olga’s, right after the show!

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing ten years’ from now, they both said they were involved in music and wanted to be pop stars. On a more serious note Trym said he would be very happy to be in Zambia but felt it more likely that he would have finished studying and would possibly be teaching, as that profession ran in the family. Torkel the younger brother was insistent that he would be making money ‘doing music’.

Great guests, great presentation, great music, good show!


Zambia Music Awards 2014

Thanks to George Da Soulchild-kaufela for this up to date list of winners last night!

The picture – Slap Dee – triple winner!

The Zambian Music Awards honour achievements in the recording arts and support the Zambian music industry without regard to album sales or chart position. Here is the full winners list of the ZMAs held last night.

First award of the night was the lifetime achievement award, awarded Father Mitah. (Post-humously)

•Next up was the award for best club DJ which was won by DJ Creejay

•Best famale radio dj went to Lady MC from radio 4.

•Best Male radio DJ went to Dazzle also from radio 4.

•Best choral album went to Mt Sinai

•Best collaboration on a song went to chef 187,Pilato and Afunika – Kumwesu.

•Best Kalindula album went to James Chamanyazi’s – Anthi Ndiwo album.

•Best dancehall album went to B’flo – Voiceless woman.

•Best RnB album went to Roberto’s -My name is.

•Best HipHop/Rap album was won by Slap Dee’s – The business album.

•Best male mainstream album was won by Slap Dee -The business.

•Best Gospel album went to Magg 44.

•Best Niyatu album was won by Afunika.

•Best song writer went to Roberto.

•Best Jazz album went to uncle Rex for his “Fellowship” album.

•Best live recording album went to the Sakala Brothers – Born In Matero..

•Best female mainstream went to Judy.

•Best Mainstream album was won by Slap Dee.
•Best female gospel artist was won by Karen.

•Best male artist went to Pompi.

•Best new artist was won by Alphonzo aka muzo.

•Song of the year was won by Chief,Afunika and pilato -Kumwesu.

The show was graced by great performances by Mumba Yachi, Pilato, Salma, Roberto, Ruff Maids, Abel Musuka and Marky2 just to mention a few.

Once again Marky2 was the biggest loser on the night he walked away empty handed while his biggest rival Slap Dee scored a hat trick.

I am very certain there’s more reaction to come this whole week on tweeter,facebook from fans and those that watched last nights awards.

The ZMA’s are sponsored by Mosi Lager.

We congratulate all the nominees and winner because we love Zambian music


The Last Kaufela Experience!

The latest edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild Kaufela (the two guys featured in the photograph above, George is on the left), was rather sad – and not just because Liverpool had thrashed Arsenal 5-1 the day before – something that made Milli Jam and I sad but George ecstatic! No, it was sad because it was in fact George Mukwita’s (aka Soulchild aka Kaufela) last show, for the time being anyway.

George was therefore the Guest on, as well as the co-host of, the programme. Fired because of his Liverpool affiliations? Not a bit of it! As he explained to listeners he has been accepted on a three year course at the Co-operative College in Lusaka to study for a diploma in Agric-Business Management. “So you’re going to be a farmer?” I speculated, but George replied that he was more interested in the business management aspect of the course which would include accounting, marketing and economics amongst other subjects.

“What’s brought this on?” Asked a glum Milli Jam who has co-hosted our show with George since 2009. George replied that he felt it was time for him to further his education, seeing that it was not really safe for a young Zambian man to rely on radio presentation and music to make a good living in years ahead – he wanted more strings to his bow. George told us that initially he was being helped through college by his aunt, but that he hoped to secure part time work, possibly on radio in Lusaka, to help with the substantial college expense. He also hoped to be able to play some shows to raise funds – George is an accomplished musician amongst his many other talents. He would be a boarder at the mixed gender college.

We played one of George’s tracks on the show – ‘Took You’ by Roberto featuring Kaufela, back to back with Chiko Wise ft B1 with ‘Kumwanda’. We opened the show with ‘Dibby Dibby Sound’ by DJ Fresh vs Jay Fay featuring Ms Dynamite back to back with the latest from The 1975. Tracks from Beyonce featuring Jay Z, and Toni Braxton with Babyface also graced the show. The prize of a dinner for two with drinks that we offer to the first person to text us telling us the artist on our oldie of the week, went unwon for the second week running, prompting someone to text asking us to play another track so that there could be a winner. We declined. They didn’t know Paolo Nutini sang Candy, so that was that!

George told listeners that he would be leaving Livingstone the following day and that he had already co-hosted his last breakfast show on 107.7 fm. He said there was so much he would miss about Livingstone including friends and colleagues and of course co-hosting the Chanters Lodge Experience. We said we would only reveal George’s replacement on the programme the following Sunday. George thanked all the listeners as well as the owner of the station Swithin Haangala for ‘helping him grow’ as a broadcaster and presenter. He had been in Livingstone for nine years and had loved it!

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing ten years from now, George said he wanted to be alive and breathing, opening doors for himself and others. We thanked him for his inspiration and hard work on our show and wished him all the best for the future. Then we sat down and cried because Arsenal had lost 5-1 to Liverpool!!

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