Nicholas S Muscara

It was kind of Nicholas, pictured above in the Chanters Lodge restaurant with Chanters Girls Monica and Susan, to appear this week on our radio show – The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George Soulchild. Why? Because the show goes out on Livingstone’s Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm at 20.30 hrs every Sunday night, and that just happened to be the time the World Cup Final was on TV! We offered a prize for anyone to tell us by text if there was a score before we went off air and by whom. Half time it was 0-0. Lol, as they say!

“Why?” Milli Jam asked me, a bit mournfully, as the show started, didn’t you cancel the programme because of the football?” I told him our reasons – we believed quite a few people watch football on TV and listen to our show on their phones at the same time. There are plenty of people, especially ladies, who don’t like football and prefer our show. Then, what about people without access to a TV? And, Oh! I added, “we’re under contract!” Enough said.

Nicholas Muscara our Guest for the show is an interesting young man, studying for a BA at the University of Rice in Texas, he’s currently on a short assignment in Zambia researching the history of restaurants in Livingstone. I came across him, his professor and a couple of other students having lunch at Chanters. Nicholas asked me if he could interview me on his subject some time. I agreed on the understanding that he’d appear as our Guest on this week’s show. And so the deal was done.

I gave Nicholas an extended interview off air, and answered a few questions on the show about where I thought tourism was heading in Livingstone in general. “Why?” George Soulchild “have you invited someone as a Guest on the show who’s not staying at the Lodge?” We laughed. Jolly Boys, where Nicholas is staying, the famous backpackers in Livingstone, have always been good supporters of Chanters Lodge so that’s not an issue.

Music wise it was a mixed bag. There were three Zambian tracks and this week I’m hoping George’s supplementary blog will tell us what was played, who played the tracks and in what language they were recorded etc. He’s promised ‘tomorrow’. Milli Jam chose ‘Lost’ recorded by BoB ft IT – a favourite track of Milimo’s at the moment, Fire by Stone ft Judy – didn’t do much for me. We closed with Usher’s – Daddy’s Home. I chose some mundane stuff – Snow Patrol – ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Human’ by The Killers. Brandy’s ‘Right Here Departed’ for the England team.

Nicholas told us he has a girlfriend Molly in High School in North Carolina. Serious? It seems so. Nicholas seemed a rather serious young man anyway. As part of his research he’d been down to the main local market to cook nsima with the market ladies. Now that I’d like to have seen! Had he enjoyed the experience? Yes! And I hope the help we gave him with some of our knowledge of Livingstone Restaurants over the years has helped his research, and that he enjoyed coming on the show too!

Next week’s programme will feature the winners of our World Cup Competition for the Chanters Girls! We will guest Man On Sport – Patrick Kasoka, finding out more about him and having him present the girls their winnings!


Julie Sanger on 107.7 fm

Meet Julie Sanger from Southern England as she appeared as a Guest with us on our regular Sunday night radio show The Chanters Lodge Experience! The show goes out live on local radio after the news at 20.30 hrs on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm, and reaches listeners within a radius of about 50 or 60 kilometres!

Julie had been a Guest at Chanters Lodge last week for a couple of nights, prior to joining up with the crew of the Book Bus, about which we’ve written and blogged before! Julie featured on radio for us to remind people about this amazing bus that goes around various schools in Livingstone at this time of year, showing and reading books to youngsters. Like most ‘voluntary’ work these days, Book Bus volunteers do pay to participate. The Livingstone children just love this bus.

Julie usually works with the National Health Service in UK but is taking about a nine month break to travel, including an overland trip, after her Book Bus stint, through Botswana, Namibia and then on to South Africa. She has friends in Cape Town and she told listeners she was really looking forward to seeing and spending time with them. Julie told us about her job and her family, and said she was especially proud of her 28 year old daughter who just last week had qualified as a solicitor. Congratulations all round!

The music was a really mixed bag. We opened with our old theme tune ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley and played PSquare ‘Gimme That’. Drake’s ‘Find Your Love’ is really popular in Zambia at the moment and though Julie our Guest didn’t know too much of the music we played, she did know the ever popular ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’ by Katie Melua. It was a bit of a crazy show as we also featured Billy Currington’s huge smash US country hit ‘People Are Crazy’. We do play Zambian tracks every week on the show and I hope George will soon start writing a blog feature for us – I’m afraid I think it’s beyond me!

Of course there was talk of the World Cup and football. Milli Jam and George wanted to know how the Chanters Lodge competition was going along. We reported that Melinda from reception, and Agness from the kitchen looked the most likely winners. Who did I want to win the World Cup? Holland of course! Two of my ‘children’ are half Dutch. By this time next week we’ll all know who’s won!

We gave a prize to the first person to text us Julie’s nationality, British, and the regular dinner for two at Chanters Lodge was quickly snapped up by an alert listener.


Nate Sinyangwe Plays 107.7 fm & Suite 1!

When Nate, Laura and Liana Sinyangwe (above) arrived at Livingstone Airport at 16.30 hrs on Sunday (when I was happily missing the Germany v England debacle on TV), the first thing I said to them was ‘will you do me a favor for a favor?’! “Why not?” answered Nate straight away, as daughter Liana tripped along excitedly beside him. “What’s the deal?”

Well, I said, “we’ll give you our new executive suite at the normal double rate you booked for your stay, and you can be the first people ever to stay in it, – IF – you’ll appear on the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient ft George Soulchild (as well as Zambia’s most famous part time mzungu DJ!) live at 20.30 hrs on 107.7fm tonight! Nate and Diana were delighted with the deal and though we were sorry Laura and Liana couldn’t make it for the show, just too travel weary! Nate was great value. So too was the suite!

“Is it true you work for BP“? We wanted to know on the show. “In the Gulf of Mexico?” “No Alaska!” “What are you doing about the spill in the Gulf?”. Nate admitted there wasn’t much they could do until the new pressure wells were finished. Nate had been educated at Hill Crest School near Chanters Lodge so his was a nostalgic visit home with his wife and cute daughter. Good example too, of what determined and bright young Zambians can do we said!

We played Treysongz – I’m so deep into that at the moment, ‘Already Taken’ and ‘Missing You’. We played Mumpi – Fever and Gyptian Hold Ya! So Nate could catch up on his Zambian latest and overall musically we had a good selection as usual.

We gave away the normal dinner for 2 at Chanters Lodge – quickly snapped up, for the first texter telling us which country Nate lives in now! Thanks Guys!


The Ben Reed Interview (3)

This is the last part of the feature kindly written by Ben Reed on Adventures With Ben about Chanters Lodge. Thanks Ben!

“Sunday evenings from 800-900 P.M. are dedicated to The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient Featuring George Soulchild. on 107.7 FM. It’s an outlet for him to live his dream of becoming a DJ, promote Chanters Lodge and have a little fun. On the evening he invited me as a guest, Richard gave away dinner for 2 at the lodge to local listeners. Contest applicants had to text their guess to that evening’s question to win. What was the question? What country was tonight’s guest from? I think my accent gave it away.

In an instant, Richard’s phone was buzzing with responses and well-deserved accolades on his return to radio after a brief hiatus. He’s popular among the radio station staff and the local community. A dinner for two at the lodge is a special treat for many:


The Ben Reed Interview (1)

I was recently interviewed by Ben Reed from Adventures With Ben and here’s the first part of what he had to say about me and us!

“Richard Chanter and his Lodge

Tucked away down a small dirt road, around the bend lies an assuming guest lodge in Livingstone, Zambia. But don’t be fooled, this 11-room complex in the middle of a bustling residential neighborhood is one of the premier places to stay when visiting Victoria Falls: Chanters Lodge.

Chanter’s Lodge was my home away from home during a 3-day/ 2-night stay in Victoria Falls. It was truly the perfect retreat for this travel blogger after a hectic 40-day sprint through South Africa. During my stay I had the opportunity to catch up with the owner, Richard Chanter, and ask him what makes Chanters Lodge so special…

Having accumulated over 40 years in the hotel industry (30 of them in Zambia), Richard knows how to manage a hotel. “This business is about people” he says.

It Started on Trip Advisor
And it’s the people that keep him working all these years. A chance encounter with an ill guest led Richard into the world of social media and the Internet. He explained,

“I took him to the doctor and brought him back. He said, “Have you ever heard of Trip Advisor? Join it. It would be in your best interest.””

And so Richard did, “It was very easy to join in the early days. I registered and put a picture of the lodge.” Shortly thereafter, his first review appeared from the guest he assisted…

“There’s nothing that Mr. Chanter won’t do to help you.”

It was at that moment that Richard realized the potential of the Internet. “We said, hey, we need more of this stuff.”

Thanks Ben


Zena and Leon Ferreira

There was a touch of sadness at the start of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George Soulchild, our weekly radio show on 107.7 fm Zambezi Radio, as we had to announce the untimely passing during the week of Jonathan Lungu. Jonathan, erstwhile assistant manager and accountant at Chanters Lodge between 2/1999 and 1/2009. Late Jonathan was actually the very first Guest on our radio show which we started in late 2008. We offered our condolences to his family and friends on air. Jonathan was very popular with Guests and Staff during his time at Chanters Lodge.

Our Guests on the show this week were Leon and Zena Ferreira, (above,) from UK, but we were surprised to hear that Leon had spent the first 15 years of his education at Kabulonga Boys School. Then called the Gilbert Rennie school in Lusaka. We made the prize a dinner for two to anyone who could tell us the former name of the school, and we did have one winner. Most Livingstone people were watching Brazil play Cote d’Ivoire I guess last night and were not listening to the radio.

It was interesting to hear of Leon’s early life in Lusaka and of he and Zena’s recent wonderful holiday in Flatdogs in the Luwangwa Valley. They’d loved it and it was part of Leon’s 60th birthday celebrations. They’re a widely travelled family having visited Asia many times.

There was a mixed musical scene: Shyman’s latest and latest from Dizzee Rascall and Iyaz. Leon and Zena enjoyed a rhumba track and I enjoyed Tinie Tempah ft Labrinth – ‘Frisky’! We played a track by Brenda Fassie too.

It’s thanks to Zena and Leon for guesting on our show and we hope they enjoyed the experience!


‘Uncle Jumbo’

Meet Mr Evaristo Webster Mutanga (and his sister Naomi), who featured on the latest edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient, our regular 20.30 hrs Sunday night radio show, that goes out on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm every week. Evaristo is much better known as ‘Uncle Jumbo’, and he has a great programme of his own on Tuesday nights on 107.7 when he plays oldies for an hour – ‘Down Memory Lane’. Twice I’ve been honored to be his Guest on that show and it was definitely time to ‘turn the tables’.

Uncle Jumbo worked on Zambia Railways for 27 years and enjoyed those days. He has a great interest in music – both old and new. We sharpened him up with Katy Perry’s latest ‘Califurnia Girls’ and my favourite at the moment ‘Candy’ by Aggro Santos ft Kim Wyatt. I’m getting mighty sick of these Zambian DJ’s Milli Jam and Soulchild – every time they play one of my latest saying ‘but this is hot Richard!’ What do they expect from Zambia’s most famous Mzungu DJ?! We played Turn Turn Turn by the Byrds for Jumbo and his sister – for old times sake! And TY2’s latest ‘This Feeling’.

A certain Nambayo won a dinner for 2 for telling us Uncle Jumbo’s real name, which we’d only mentioned once! Evaristo looks after all the transport arrangements for the 107.7 fm staff and he’s an essential worker – DJ’s being how they are when it comes to time! He first met Swithin Haangala the owner of 107.7 fm back in 67/68 when Jumbo was a footballer with City of Lusaka and he told us he was a good Badminton player too!

Great show!


Ben Reed Has The Chanters Lodge Experience

Last night Sunday 6th June, 2010, we were delighted to relaunch The Chanters Lodge Experience on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm at 20.30 hrs with Milli Jam and George Soulchild hosting the show, and with ‘Zambia’s best known mzungu part time DJ’ (me!) very much around. So too was Ben Reed, a Guest of ours at Chanters Lodge in Livingstone. Ben writes a very interesting blog Adventures With Ben which is a must read! Zambezi FM is of course Zambia’s best loved local radio station – imitated but never duplicated.

The show kicked off with two great local tracks ‘Contolo’ by Pee Jay and JK ft Saoma’s massive hit ‘Kapiri Piri’ which we were assured meant that ‘this girl is as hot as chilli!’ After the show the Chanters Girls assured me this was the case – and that they were too! We also played Solo by Iyaz and Miley Cyrus’s latest ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ – and I guess she can’t from the sound of it! Billy Currington’s smash country hit People Are Crazy took everyone by surprise.

Ben, our Guest, had been down in South Africa doing some work for the World Cup preperations and had determined that he must see Victoria Falls before taking off back to the States. He loved Zambia it and Zambia as well as the bungee jump he’d bravely done too! You can follow Ben on Twitter @adventureswben and strongly suggest you do. He’s been to a lot of places and travelled a long way for someone obviously going far in life. There’s his photo!

We played BoB – Nothing On You and we were all of the opinion that on this particular Sunday night, nobody had anything on us as far as local radio was concerned – it was great! We were received by everyone at the station like long lost friends! Thanks Guys!

Oh! And we played Waving Flag by K’naan for Henry Chanter aged 8!

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