Bedroom Renovations

We are happy to report the start of bedroom renovations at Chanters Lodge.

Rooms 9 and 10 were built and opened in 2006 overlooking the then new swimming pool and these rooms have really really worked! Wear and tear takes its toll!

The picture shows Benson Bulongo the tiling expert busy destroying the work he did in Room 9 all those years ago, in preparation for laying new floor tiles in the bedroom as well as new floor and wall tiles in the bathroom.

Emma from Emma’s Wear in Livingstone is busy measuring for new curtains, as well as a bed cover.

We hope the renovated room will be ready by June 7th for it is booked……


DJ Obby Sims

Meet DJ Obby Sims, (above) leading DJ and supervisor at Livingstone’s hottest night club East Point, and guest on the most recent edition of our weekly Sunday night radio show, the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz. Obby’s real name? Obrien Simbwalanga, Tonga by tribe! ‘The Experience’ is sponsored weekly by Chanters Lodge and airs for a hour every Sunday at 20.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s best loved local radio station. The show is popular with local residents, partly because it offers the chance to win dinner for two at the lodge, to the first person to text us the name of the artist on our regular ‘oldie of the week’ spot. The prize on this show was quickly snapped up when we dropped Tina Turner’s classic ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose You’.

Obby told listeners that he had been DJ at East Point for about two years since the hot spot opened, prior to which he had been at Fairmount Hotel in Livingstone as entertainment manager. He still regarded the Fairmount disco as East Point’s major competition especially since their recent renovations. He recounted to listeners how he had started in the entertainment business in Lusaka at Moon City night club in the 80’s with the help of the late Eddy Groove who had taught him how to DJ with vinyl – “nothing like CD decks in those days!” He said. (This stirred some of your writer’s memories!) Later Obby had worked at Lusaka’s huge Black Velvet night club. This was a controversial place in the end, but in its’ heyday it had held more than 1200 revelers at one time! After working for Hanif Adams and Clouds in Lusaka, later Obby had come back to Livingstone and, as mentioned, started work with the Fairmount Hotel.

The music on this show was good. We opened with latest hits from Tinie Tempah and the Chainsmokers. Milli Jam and Jay chose tracks from Stevo, Shaggy featuring Ne-Yo, Lorde and Karasa with Cleo Ice featuring Zone Fam. Our pick of the week was ‘Dangerous Love’ from Fuse OGD featuring Sean Paul, and we closed with a hit from Enrique Iglesias’s latest album.

Obby sadly revealed that his fiancee had passed away the previous month and that he was still enduring the grieving process. He did not have any children. He also told us proudly that he had done the bungee jump and that he was a regular on sunset cruises on the Zambezi. His football team is Arsenal (as shown by the above photo!) and his favourite all time player Thierry Henry. He was really hoping his team would win the FA Cup this year. His favourite music is tracks from the 80’s and 90’s – his favourite international artist the late Michael Jackson, Petersen his Zambian pick. We were surprised at the latter choice as his first cousin is B1 – also a famous Zambian musician.

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing in ten years’ time (Milli Jam’s favourite question to our weekly guest) Obby said he would like to be in Livingstone, running his own club with his own workers, married to a beautiful woman and to have lovely children. We wished him the best of luck and told him to keep on rocking his patrons!


Room Renovations

In 2012 we completed renovations of three of our eleven rooms at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone, one in the ‘main house’ which was the last of the three original rooms we opened in 1998 to be completely renovated.

We then turned our attention to the four Lukulu Crescent rooms opened in 2004 and managed to completely renovate two of them, before being hit by a rather a bleak mid-November to mid-December business wise, that curtailed our activities. Following this unusually difficult period we had a reasonably good festive season.

This morning we are happy to report that we have started renovation of the third of the four Lukulu Crescent rooms, and the picture above shows the workers starting to break the bedroom floor tiles. These will be replaced with a larger lighter, brighter ceramic floor tile. A new toilet and pedestal wash hand basin are to be fitted in the shower room and the floor and walls of the shower room will be completely retiled. New drainage arrangements, tap and towel rail fittings to match.

We were happy with the results of our renovation in the first two Lukulu rooms and I’m sure room five will turn out just as well. It gets slightly easier as you go along, as the team are aware of the requirements from the previous work. We will keep you posted!


Suite 1 – Progress

The photo shows the new entrance to Suite 1 from the poolside at Chanters Lodge early this Friday morning as Max, our hard working handyman, sweeps the water used to cure the floor out of the way, so that the carpenters can access the site and start fitting the ceiling.

Ireen, my partner, is going to Lusaka today to buy curtain, bed-cover and cushion cover material – her speciality – she has excellent taste (I would say that wouldn’t I?). Oh! And she’s going to a Michael W Smith concert at Woodland Stadium tomorrow afternoon too!

We’ve bought the additional air conditioner we needed and the chairs for the sitting room are on order and partially paid for. New panel doors are in stock.

The next big job will be tiling the floor. Tiles are yet to be bought. Thought for the weekend…may the Zambian Kwacha still be weak against the US$ next Monday!

Chanters is located in the suburbs of Livingstone, just 10 kms from the mighty Victoria Falls.


Suite 1

Here are some new pictures as we go ahead with our plan to convert two of the small original bedrooms into a suite at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone. The interior photo is taken from the bathroom door looking through the bedroom to the sitting room – on the right is the large built in wardrobe/luggage storage area.

The picture of the pool is taken from the sitting room window (isn’t that nice?) and the third photo shows the scene as you leave the suite sitting room via the new front door.

The plastering is all but finished. The next job is to prepare the floor for relaying and then to caste it. Once that’s cured, the new ceiling will be fitted and floor tiles (not yet bought!) laid.


Suite 1

Here’s a photo of the ongoing work to convert rooms 1 and 2 into a suite at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia. The picture shows the new entrance doorway into the sitting room, and if you’ve been following the work, you’ll see that the sitting room roof has been successfully raised!

The electricians have been busy inside re-wiring, and the masons will be preparing the walls for plastering, hopefully to start early next week.

There will be steps with railings leading up to the door of the suite, and of course the whole of the new outside wall will be plastered and painted. Anyway, there’s good progress. Next comes the expensive part – finishing!


Sweet Conversion – Update

‘Better than volcanic ash’ a friend commented on Facebook when I was complaining about the rubble, dust, mess and noise emanating from the conversion of Rooms 1 and 2 into Suite 1 at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone in Zambia! I’m really not so sure, they seem comparable.

Anyway, check the picture of Charles the builder, taken from the garden, still demolishing, but preparing to raise the roof of the proposed suite sitting room up to the level of the existing roof.

Where’s the rubble? I hear you ask. Well there’s still a hell of a lot indoors but check that pile outside waiting to be collected by someone who needs it to raise the level of their yard to protect against flooding. There’s recycling for you!

It’s my half day today and I’ll be pleased to have a break away from the dust, mess and noise! Oh! And they’ve broken the wheelbarrow – again!


Sweet Conversion

Check the three photos above, taken yesterday at Chanters Lodge Livingstone.

With my back to the bathroom (which is almost finished) I took the photo at the bottom. The builders (demolition workers?) are knocking through from ex Room 2 to ex Room 1. This is to allow for a new big en suite double bedroom.

The middle photo shows the space being created in ex bathroom 1 for a large window overlooking the pool, which will be the feature of the suite’s new sitting room. The entrance to the suite will be on the right of this picture around the corner, with steps leading from the poolside to a new front door opening on to the sitting room.

The suite bedroom will have its own entrance door from the main house as well – just in case….! The top photo is with my back to the new sitting room, looking through the new bedroom to the en suite bathroom.

Do we have it right? I think so, but you can’t really tell until it’s finished! I’m already seeing a few things I wish we’d done or were doing differently, and some things I hadn’t anticipated.

Anyway, as my friend Derek said: “Full Steam Ahead”!



At Chanters Lodge Livingstone we’re busy demolishing the bathroom interior of room 2, to redevelop to be the bathroom for the new executive suite we intend to create from rooms 1 and 2. There’s a couple of photos!

As I write I can hear the banging. We have so far only broken 3 hammers trying to prize the original wall tiles from the bathroom walls!