Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre

Here’s something really super for Sunday – hats off to Steve and Anna!

Chipembele Wildlife Education Centre is a fun, interactive and contemporary learning facility for Zambian children. It focuses its programmes on wildlife, the environment and conservation issues. The Centre is located on the banks of the Luangwa River opposite South Luangwa National Park. It is a wonderful, unspoiled setting for local children to learn about the value of their natural environment. This education will help to both protect the wildlife and generate sustainable development for the benefit of the local population for generations to come.

Chipembele is run under the auspices of a registered Zambian charitable trust. It was established and is now managed by Steve and Anna Tolan, who emigrated from England to Zambia in 1998 to fulfill their dream of building and running such a centre. It is supported in the UK by Chipembele Trust, a registered UK charity.

Since then however, the Trust has progressed to encompass much more than the Wildlife Education Centre. The work has expanded its programme of conservation education into the local schools and operates a Chipembele Rangers scheme through the school conservation clubs. Anna manages school improvement projects, runs a Pupil Sponsorship Scheme and is involved with local women’s groups. Steve is an actively involved in anti-poaching work and forestry protection. Chipembele also has a seat on the Board of Trustees of the South Luangwa Conservation Society, where Anna has the position of Secretary. They rear and rehabilitate orphaned and injured wild animals and they have made discoveries of archaeological and palaeontological importance.