Doctor Trey

Meet Doctor Trey, aka Trevor Ndhlovu, well known Livingstone DJ. Trevor guested on the latest edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience, our popular Sunday night show, that goes out live weekly on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm at 20.30 hours. It has ‘The Milli Jam Ingredient’ meaning it’s co-hosted by Milimo Mudaala, also a well known Livingstone DJ, and George ‘Soulchild’ a regular host on 107.7 fm who helps with the technical side. It was a good show featuring some of the latest Zambian hits which George will be writing about for the blog later in the week, as well as numbers by Ne-Yo, Eminem and Travis Macoy, ft Bruno Mars, Brandy and Kelly Rowland.

In ‘another life’, Doctor Trey is a driver/salesman for WTC (Wright Trading Company) for whom he’s worked for years. He was the original DJ at Masaka, better known now as Pub and Grill, owned by Glen Wright. Trevor’s less busy than he used to be since WTC gave up their agency for Mosi and Coca Cola. He’s married with 3 boys and was happy to be able to greet his family on air. Doctor Trey’s an ardent Liverpool fan, and had this been known beforehand he might not have featured. Chanters is strictly Arsenal!… There was much speculation on air about the first game of the new season this coming Sunday when these two teams meet at Anfield. Ah! Premier League soccer, again!

Richard was asked if the winner of last week’s prize had turned up and whether it had been a ‘take away’. He confirmed that Gloria, the winner, had come for a lovely private dinner at Chanters’ expense with a handsome young man and had much enjoyed her night out. Nothing like take away! This week’s question asked for Trevor’s DJ name and the prize was quickly snapped up! People get so excited about winning that they forget to give their own names on the text, which then disqualifies them even if the answer’s right!

Trevor was asked about his ambitions for the future and told listeners that he would love to have his own transport business, revealing that his second born son was in the process of learning mechanics for this purpose. Richard greeted family, Guests and staff alike, and George was happy to recount his week in Sesheke (on the Namibian border) with Mwampi, hot Zambian artist. Why hadn’t he brought her back to Livingstone to guest on the show? No adequate response! Oh well…