East Point, Livingstone

And before you ask, no I did not go! Though I did see the huge beam of light emanating from the place as I was driving home from dropping off some of the staff in Maramba – that would have been hard to miss. This is now the fourth or fifth night club in town and one wonders when the market will be saturated. Livingstone! Party town indeed! This piece is from Times of Zambia

Excitement characterised last Friday night in Livingstone when Lusaka premier night club Eastpoint opened a franchise in the tourist capital. As early as 20:00 hours the venue was packed with traffic on Mwila Road while many revellers thronged the pub trying to find space inside the club that proved to be small for the bustling tourist capital.

Kay ‘Kanyelele’ was hired by the club management to provide entertainment and her presence did not matter to the patrons who were just excited to have the club opened in their own area. The well-furnished and decorated club which looks better than the one in Lusaka has been denied enough space and management assured patrons through Times Entertainment that they will use the back space to expand the pub and use the space as the venue for live performances.

The overwhelming response that the club’s official opening received is testimony enough that Livingstone has been missing night entertainment and the inclusion of Eastpoint will surely give the residents more options for night outings. The club opened around 18:00 hours amid calls from people to have it opened earlier on Thursday. As soon as the doors opened, people started trooping in after paying K20,000 as entry fee while at some point the security were overwhelmed by the number of revellers who were outside. The security had no option but to allow the people to go in for free.

The pub was packed and some people decided to be part of history by simply enjoying their beverages outside while some excited revellers braved the hot temperature inside and danced the night out. Kay was introduced after midnight but it was a tough time for both the security and the revellers to watch the performances as there was no space for the artists to perform from because the stage was overcrowded.

The security managed to create some space where Kay and her dancers managed to perform for 30 minutes but the action was cut short as it only brought unnecessary confusion. The party continued with deejay Jay playing the music while fans danced until around 06:00 hours on Saturday morning when the club closed.