Ganesh The Elephant

From Zambezi Elephant Trails: (provider for the elephant encounter/ride for Guests at Chanters Lodge):

“It is with great regret and a lot of sadness that I’m writing to let you know that Ganesh, our youngest elephant calf died on Saturday night.

Ganesh had been with us for 12 weeks after being found alone along Nakatindi Road on October 12, 2009. He had taken to the complex calf formula very well and had bonded with our elephants, notably 5 year old female Chavaruka and 2 year old Nandi. We had also provided three human ‘nannies’ for round the clock feeding and emotional support. In his time with us he had thrived, growing 6 cm in height and adding 15 cm to his girth.

Up until Saturday evening Ganesh had shown no signs of illness, he was carefully charted for feeding, sleeping and bodily functions. When well rested he would join the other elephants in the bush, would engage in play with the smaller elephants and he started learning how to swim with the herd a few weeks ago.

Due to the rapid onset of symptoms of shock and apparent respiratory paralysis that is consistent with snake bite (most probably mamba) we are led to believe this may have been fatal for an otherwise healthy young elephant.

Ganesh was treasured by all the staff and elephant herd up at ZET and we are all devastated by his loss.”

Deepest sympathies to all concerned