God Is Watching!

I loved this from Anisha Chanda M B on Facebook about Zambian girls and their status updates on Facebook

You buy panties from salaula (second hand clothes) – you come to Facebook and write “I love Victoria Secrets”
….God is watching

You’re at home and you update your Facebook status  “enjoying my time at Manda Hill (Lusaka’s major shopping mall)”
….God is watching you – in 3D!

Your mum sells stock fish and your dad changes money, you turn around and say your parents are into the Lusaka stock exchange!
….God is watching you

You’re a married woman with two children and yet on Facebook you claim to be single…
….Don’t forget God is watching….

You’re twenty one years old and dating a man of fifty four and your update says “can’t wait to see my baby!” ….God is watching you in high definition…Is that your baby or your daddy sure?…

You’re heading kumunzi (to the village) and stranded at the bus station and you update “flight delayed!
…”God is watching you!…

You’re drinking ‘Chibuku’ (local opaque beer) yet you update ‘Johnny Walker on the rocks’!
…God is watching you in HD!…

You buy Tuma Polo shirts from salaula and yet you update “ati my uncle from the UK bought me some Tuma laka Polo shirts…
…God is watching you….

So beware ladies! God is definitely watching you!