Hospice Chipata

I came across this in Architecture in Development and liked it. The building is apparently under construction.

Hospice Chipata

A hospice where terminal patients can stay and be cared for in comfortable surroundings. A comfortable stay for 24 to 48 people in a building with a CO2 footprint smaller than an average Dutch household. The building has been built around a core space where staff have an office and medication as well as supplies also having a central storage place.

Around the core a wide corridor links all the rooms together. The corridor also offers space for family and visitors. The round form makes the building not only very efficient and clearly organized but also a pleasant place in which to stay. The first phase concerns the construction of 12 units with 2 beds and shared sanitary supplies. The building has been prepared for easy extension.

The second phase offers 12 more units with supplies. Eventually the hospice will offer room for 48 people. The building will be self-sufficient, generating its own electricity and water supplies and is entirely naturally climatised.

The hospice will be built by the local community with locally available materials.