Jemah B

George Kaufela writes:

Upcoming Zambian R&B and hip hop artist James Banda aka Jemah B is a new man on the block with hit singles ‘Brain Twista’ and ‘Vibe Nichi Zungu’ which are currently the anthem of most local radio stations.
Jemah B has become a radio name in the past two years because of the classic music he brings to the public, he is one of the few typical Zambian R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop artist of his generation.

He first started singing in a choir during his 8th grade while attending boarding school at Chibombo High School and recorded his first single at Blazer Studios in Kitwe. He has been in the industry since 2008 and has shared stages with the most happening Zambian artists including Dandy Krazy, B1, Macky2,Slap D, Roberto, Ty2, Afunika, Bflow and The Third. He is also one of the writers of Baska Baskas hit single “Sembe Baby Wenze Wanga”

Jemah has currently released an album titled “Okondewa” on which he features Studios such as Blazer, Raising sounds, VS Studio, Kabin Studio and Ericardo Records and has featured artists such as Johnny C, B Nell, Kaufela and Slap D and is selling on the local market in retail CD outlets

He currently has 3 music Videos on Africa Unite, Muvi tv, Tv2, youtube Namely Brain Twister, Baby Tika, Okondewa which are doing very well.

Jemah is also a qualified Computer Specialist and works for development and Consultancy Company.

Info by Lusaka Voice an online publication.