Just Hats!

When I was general manager of The Ridgeway Hotel in Lusaka (now Southern Sun Ridgeway Hotel) in Lusaka, Zambia, the Head Chef, Samson Chindakwa, came to my office to complain that he did not have enough kitchen staff. 
My reaction was that last time I’d been through the kitchen there seemed to be plenty of cooks, so after making this point to him and hearing his denial, I said “very well, let’s go to the kitchen and see how many cooks there are there now”, he agreed and together we went to the kitchen.

When we reached the place there seemed to be at least fifteen cooks, all in pristine white uniforms with their tall chef’s hats.

 “Look Samson” I said  “there are so many cooks in here already why do you want more?”.

“You see boss” he replied “some of them are just hats!”