The Post, Zambia’s most popular newspaper, recently featured George da Soulchild aka Kaufela (above right, with Milimo), co-host of our regular Sunday night radio show, ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience’, in an in-depth interview. Why didn’t George mention our show? We wanted to know. “I did but they edited it out” he told me. Shame on them, but great publicity for George!

“Down in the tourist capital Livingstone, stands Zambezi FM Radio host and musician George Da Soulchild-Kaufela, formally known as George Mukwita. The Weekend post caught up with this multi-talented DJ after his scintillating Born and Bred performance in December last year, alongside TY2 on the track he featured called ‘Spotlight’.

Q: Why Kaufela, your colleagues go by western names?
A: It all started in the studio, I did a song by that name, the fellas loved it and I think it best describes who I am, besides the fact that I’m Lozi.

Q: First time I heard of you was a song with the late Crystal Shaun, then Ty2 and Petersen. Now what are you up to?
A: Yes I’ve been singing for a long time but it’s only now that I want to put my work in to an album. My debut release should be out this year. We’re just putting everything together, trying to make sure we have the right strategies to give it the best promotion before and after it’s on the market.

Q: Yes, coming to the songs. You stand out for singing in Silozi, most of your colleagues are into Bembalise-Nyanjalise, do you have a ready audience?
A: Plenty! Zambians dance to Congolese, Swahili…all Zambians have an idea of Bantu language. That being said I also use Nyanja, Bemba and English. It’s a mix – the best of all worlds. In other words my music is easy to listen to and understand.

Q: In your upcoming album you have collaborations with big names like Haamoba, Roberto, Petersen, K’Millian, Bflow and Ty2.Tell me, how do you manage to work with so many Lusaka based artistes when you’re based in Livingstone?
A: They are all my personal friends so working with them was pretty easy. We had a lot of fun making and recording songs – we worked on the music when they came down to Livingstone. I’m also a promoter and organize shows in Sesheke and Livingstone.

Q: With which studio do you work?
A: Raising Sounds Studio in Livingstone. Roni does the work.

Q: What are you going to call your album?
A: Not yet decided. I’m tempted to call it KAUFELA MUSIC but like I said, we haven’t yet decided.

Q: Face it, the RAP/RNB scene in Zambia is congested and competitive. Macky 2, Slap D, Afunika, Mampi, PJ etc so what’s your game plan?
A: Competition yes, but I’m not worried about those guys, I just focus on my music. Roni and I make good music that can compete fairly anywhere in the world at any given time, it’s just a matter of time before we become household names! They should be worried about me! (laughs).

Q :Any last words to your fans and prospective fans?
A: We started out so simply just with Livingstone. Thank you very much for the love and support. It’s now time to take it national then International – one step at a time and we’ll soon get there. To those discovering me for the first time feel free to request for my music on your local radio stations and look out for my album dropping this year. Go for it! Big up to all the radio DJs that promote my music and all the night club DJs that do likewise, and to all the guys that hold me up! Cheers!