Kerry de Bruyn – Photographer

I’m lucky enough to be friends with a wonderful photographer Kerry de Bruyn based in South Africa. So if you need photos, go to this site. Check the wonderful photo above of ‘bride in a forest’ if you don’t believe me! Here’s all about Kerry:

“I am a writer and photographer capturing what I can to show other people what’s out there and what they are missing. I have written and photographed for a number of magazines and wish to do more. That would be my main problem I think, always wanting to do more, see more, experience more. There is so much more to this world than we think and I hope to get people playing with that idea again.

I believe a single photograph captures something so much more than just an image. Mood, emotion and consequence are some of the few things that follow the quick click of a shutter opening and closing. “I’ve found it,” I thought. That thing that gets you excited from the moment you wake up. After my first photograph I haven’t looked back, and sometimes it’s hard to put the camera down.

After telling you the smooshy stuff I thought I should let you know a few quick facts about me…I love Africa (obviously!), travel, wildlife, love and life and beleive you should spend every minute of it living! If you would like to book me for weddings, portraits, photo safaris or would just like to chat send me a mail, I’d love to hear from you!

All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.Right now my dream is to capture Africa and all of her beauty, small and scaly or robust and strong.”

And yes, of course I’m trying to entice Kerry to come and take some pictures of Chanters Lodge!