Lindiwe Bungane – Zambia’s ‘Dream Girl’

Lindiwe (above), of whom little has been heard at home in Zambia since 2004, has resurfaced as a huge hit in the musical ‘Dream Girls’ in Johannesburg. Helen Mtshali, a recent Guest at Chanters had seen the show and said Lindi was brilliant. Here’s just some of what the Sowetan had to say in a recent piece.

Dreamgirl Lindiwe Steals Show

“Watching the crème de la crème musical Dreamgirls on stage, I felt like taking a grass handbroom and ululating on stage! That’s one of the prime ways of appreciating what somebody is doing. It was just so good!

Everybody pulled their weight, giving the performances of their lives. But the person who stole the show was Lindiwe Bungane, who played Effie White. You could tell that the talented lass had done her homework and more.

These people had to rehearse for a short time and ensure that they imitate the original cast members while infusing their own personalities. Talk about flawless accents. You could have walked in there and thought that this was an all-American cast.”

Well done Lindi!