Livingstone’s Night Life!

No, not Chez Ntemba, Steprite or the Fairmount Casino Livingstone Discos that rock until all hours! This is about cats!

NEW to 2010; Lion Encounter is proud to announce the launch of Livingstone’s Wildest Night Activity! Experience and support the Lion Encounter – Africa’s first genuine programme to ethically re-introduce the offspring of rehabilitated captive-bred African lion back into the wild, helping safeguard the future of the king of the beasts. An amazing encounter!

No leashes, no collars, just a natural African wildlife adventure operating in the beautiful Dambwa Forest 25 km outside of Livingstone Town. The Night Encounter is a thrilling experience for all those involved, but not only that, it is a vital part of the Lion Release Programme. Lions aged 18 months to 2 and a half years are taken out during the evenings into their 600 acre Pre Release Training Reserve. The Lions are then given the opportunity to chase, stalk and hunt the game they find, giving them the vital chance to practice their hunting skills. (This activity also takes place at different times throughout the day.)

Lion Encounter operates stage one of the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust‘s four stage Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild Program. The first stage of the program involves the young lions being taken out into the Bush, allowing them to build confidence in their natural habitat and practice their hunting techniques before being released into stage two of the programme.

The Guest Experience…
The Lions are taken out into the Pre Release Training Site at various times of the day. The different timings will offer guests a variety of experiences, chose a timing to suit the experience you would enjoy most.

The Night Encounter
Join the pride as they practice hunting under the cover of night! A group of Lions will be free, roaming around your vehicle where you will have front row seats to view the action as they hone their hunting skills!

You will be picked up from your lodge or hotel and driven to the stunning Dambwa Forest where our hospitality team will be waiting to greet you with snacks and refreshments in our welcome area, nestled amongst majestic winter thorn trees.

As the sun sets, your guide for the evening will meet with you to give you a safety briefing and a short briefing on the activity.

After this, you’re ready to go, and you will be asked to climb into your customised 4×4 vehicle. On each vehicle will be a guide and a lion handler, plus a researcher will also be present on the trip, who are all more than happy to answer any questions that you have. A maximum of 2 vehicles will be accompanying the trip and a Night Encounter can host up to 13 guests.

Once aboard your vehicle you’re ready to meet the stars of the night – the lions, and a member of the Lion Encounter Team will open the gates for the lions to start their nocturnal adventure in the Pre Release Training Site. From here, you will have the unique experience of watching the pride as they search for game, stalk, chase and perhaps even make a kill. The Night Encounter drive will last approximately 2 hours, during which your guide will provide you information on the behaviour and life of a lion, a pride, as well as information on a night in Africa, the sounds, the sights and the skies.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the African Night, and join the pride in all their splendour on an incredible journey on the path to freedom

US$195.00 USD (prices effective 1st June 2010 to 31st December 2010)
Includes: Return transfers from all accommodation in Livingstone town.
Safety Talk
Night Encounter or Drive in Lion Country activity.
Night Encounter: Beers, Wines, Soft Drinks, Light Snacks before your Encounter and a meal afterwards.