Long Walk Home

My niece Frances Woolley (Long) posted this great picture of the falls at Meech Creek in Canada on Facebook. Initally when I saw the photo it looked like Frances and daughter Katy were tussling, so I sent “who won?” The terse answer “the mosquitos!” (I didn’t know you have them in Canada). Looking more closely at this super picture, taken by Luis Goddyn I believe they’re actually helping each other across the river……?

On receiving my request for more info Frances wrote:

“The waterfalls are on Meech Creek, a small creek coming out of Meech Lake. It’s a favourite hike of ours because of the beautiful ruins from an old abandoned fertilizer mill. The waterfall used to be used to power the fertilizer mill, now just the shell remains, and it almost has the feel of an outdoor cathedral. In warm weather the old mill is a favourite spot of naturists – nude sun bathers. (Apparently mostly middle aged men, so of no interest to Frances’ husband David!)

I love Meech Lake, and could write much more about it (sounds like it!), when Rachel and Sasha (Frances’ sister and nephew) came to visit in November, we took them up there too – Sasha had a blast climbing all over the ruins.”

Lovely place – wonderful picture!