Mampi and Kay!

Gossip from George da Soulchild Kaufela!


“According to Facebook and Twitter, last week Zambian artists Mampi and Kay got into a fight though Mampi says she did not do anything after being pushed by Kay! She said she also fell on the ground in the process but she got up without hitting back.This happened at Digital X Studios where both artists are signed.

Despite that Mampi has decided to move on as she has stopped beefing. Mampi who has been involved in a lot of battles in the past with artists such as Nalu and notably Slap Dee, says she has no plans for revenge .

I couldn’t agree more with Mampi’s move, beside the fact that between the two Mampi has more to lose than Kay, way to go Mampi! Mampi aka ‘The Queen Diva’ represented Zambia at the 2012 Big Brother Star game!”


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