Work has started on the construction of a block containing 2 offices at Chanters Lodge, Livingstone. “Why do you need more office space?” I hear you ask. “Is your administration getting bloated?” Ummm – more office space? Actually we don’t have any! And this more than 11 years since the lodge first opened! How have we managed?

Well, initially, the ‘office’ was located under a tree in the garden. From there it moved to a table on the terrace. From there to a table in the restaurant, and then, as the lodge got bigger, to a Guest room – meaning that whenever the room’s let, we have to move out! Inconvenient – to put it mildly, though we’re not a management team that enjoys being, or is, ‘office bound’.

Now, as the years go by and I get no younger, it’s time also to consider the future. To this end, Annastasia Katele my delightful assistant has to learn to do some of the things I do at the moment – initially stores, bar and kitchen stock control. So she also needs a base from which to work.

Our two offices will be located on the right of the restaurant in the car park as you enter the lodge, in such a place as to afford me a good view of the front gate, lodge entrance, reception and the back yard! And Annastasia the same views forward, but behind her a view inside the laundry where Chanters Girlies meet (and talk) etc.

This addition will also allow us to redevelop the room we’re currently using as an office, then giving the lodge 12 letting rooms consisting of three small self-contained double rooms in the main house (for single or double occupancy at economical rates), four poolside doubles, 4 spacious twins and a family room.

There’s a picture of the work happening on the first day – and on the second day it rained!!!