Olga’s Italian Corner – Livingstone

In the past few years Olga’s Italian Corner has become an institution in Livingstone, serving great Italian food and training needy youngsters in food and beverage skills. Interesting to see that they’re now adding rooms to their operation and great that they’re offering a prize to some artists for inspiring interior decor! Olga’s is located on the right hand side of the Catholic Cathedral opposite the main Shoprite shopping complex. From town, turn left at the traffic lights.

Olga’s – The Italian Corner is inviting all artists or painting enthusiasts residing in Livingstone or in general in Zambia, provided they are Zambian by nationality to the call “Nine Rooms in Search of an Author”. The aim of the call is to find nine artists that will paint and personalize the interior of the nine rooms that are being built for the new Olga’s Guest House.

The general theme is “Novels, Legends and Myths of Zambia”. The theme has been chosen by a committee which will include officers of CeLIM, the Italian NGO behind Olga’s Project, CeLIM aid-workers and Olga’s supporters/friends. The same committee will evaluate and select the best realizations. The winners will realize the winning score in one of the rooms of the Guest House. To all the participants will also be given the opportunity to exhibit the work they have prepared for the competition during an exhibition which will be organized inside the restaurant and will take place from the 21th December 2011 until the day of the awards ceremony. As well as the chance to co-operate with Olga’s in any future exhibition which may be held within the restaurant.

The nine artists that will be selected will be given a prize of 750,000 Kwacha. All the expenses for the realization of the project will be covered by Olga’s up to a maximum of 300,000 Kwacha for each room. In each room, next to each painting, there will always be visible the name of the artist with his/her little biography and a description of the meaning of the work/paint.


So get painting!