George Kaufela, co-host of our Sunday night radio show reports on Roberto’s recent interview with UKZambians. We wish him the best of luck!

UKZambians: When is your new album coming out?
Well, the new album is expected out in April, we pushed it to April simply because we’d love to let people know the new music so they get to enjoy the album to the fullest.

UKZambians: What is the title of the album and who is featuring on it?
It’s been crazy trying to figure out what it should be called, but I finally settled on MY NAME IS… ROBERTO, I feel I have reached a point where I would love everybody to know my dreams and goals. What better way to remind everyone what my name is? I have a couple of surprises on my new album. So far I have featured BrathaHood Music only rapper, YOUNG RIKO, it also has Pope from Nigeria, T Bozz from Botswana and a few more that we shall unveil when the album drops.

UKZambians: Who is distributing the album?
We are in talks with all major distributing companies through out Zambia, and also distributors in Africa and Europe as we would love to make the album available across all continents.

UKZambians: What songs and videos are you promoting?
Currently CHAWAMA has been on promotion and I’m really happy with its performance and as of now we are kick starting our campaign to promote a new song called OSANISIYA SO feat YOUNG RIKO, it has a video that will be promoted with the song, side by side so look out for that.

UKZambians: You just launched your website, what do fans expect to see on your website?
Well firstly I don’t want to just have a website but we want it to be an interractive tool and of course a source of information.

UKZambians: What other things are you doing besides working on the album?
Besides my album I am working on Young Rikos album and working on Manas 2nd album, I am also working on Titani`s album – she’s the only female on BrathaHood label. I am also helping out on Ozzy’s new album.

UKZambians: Any international tours planned?
International tours? Of course, in fact soon I hope to kick start that and expose my music, this year I hope to do a lot more of traveling to promote my new material.

UKZambians: You recently lost your father and we are sorry about that but how have you been able to get back on your feet?
It surely hasn’t been easy, and his passing has been a blow to all of us, but we keep him in our spirits and he was a hard working man. He surely was one person who never loved unfinished work no matter what, and it’s that spirit in him that I have adopted.

UKZambians : We applaud you for that man! Now your songs “Love You More” and “Chawama” are doing great on radio and their videos are awesome, what categories where they nominated in at the BNB Awards and did any of them win?
Love You More’ was nominated it was in the best R&B category, Jk won in that category