From: Lusaka Times

Q & A session with Zambia’s Fast Raising Singer Roberto (above)

:Tell us about you recently released album “My name is…”
ROBERTO: Well “My Name Is…” has been in the making for over 3 years now, it is a very personal album to me, as it brings out stories of situations I have gone through and witnessed through the years.

: Do you feel you have grown as an artist since your first album?
ROBERTO: Most definitely, it’s important to learn from challenges in life, take both positive and negative criticism and be a better person; I have managed to produce and write the entire album alone except for two songs.

7:How did you get started as a DJ?
ROBERTO: Many think I started from Radio then went into music lol, I actually went for a radio interview on Radio Hot Fm while promoting my 1st album and I was on radio with Hope, so during the interview she was like, you actually sound good on radio and we took in some calls asking people if they wanted me to co-host her drive time show for a week, and a week later I got calls from radio stations all over and was offered a job at Qfm as I was at Hot Fm on a voluntary basis, so that’s how my radio career started

: Does being a DJ on Q FM bring about a conflict of interests, i.e. Are you tempted to promote your music more than other local artists?
ROBERTO: The only conflict I face is regarding my time schedule as I have at times reject certain offers because of one of the two jobs. I set a principle not to play my own music but help other artists promote their music, I love Zambian music and I feel I can help others; I’m already on radio so it would be unfair to promote my own music while doing my shows

Do you feel Zambian music gets enough air play as compared to international music?
ROBERTO: First of all I feel some stations are doing a great job promoting Zambian music, then again other stations are hesitant to promote our Music for reasons best known to themselves, others blame the monotony in the sound and content of music.

: Since you came on to the scene how has the Zambian music has industry improved?
ROBERTO: It surely has changed and grown in some areas, and I foresee a situation where Zambian music will dominate Africa, its unfortunate that we do not have much support from the outside market, but I have already seen the interest by many radio stations outside Zambia playing our music and so it is growing and improving

: One of my favorite songs of yours is “Operator” from your first album, I still have it on my playlist to this day. Do you have an all-time favorite song out of all that have been released?
ROBERTO: Wow!!! Operator will always be a classic in my world, I would say Operator as well but of-course with every album comes a song that just gets a little more repeats than the others, its crazy but fun lol

: How has the response been from the fans towards your new album, which song do you enjoy performing the most?
ROBERTO: Response has been terrific and so motivating, when I was putting this album together I had to challenge myself on every song so I could only imagine how everyone would receive the songs more especially the songs I did in English but the response is just motivation for me, I love performing SALAULA and GOOD WOMAN

:You are currently promoting your single “Good Woman”, tell us about the song.
ROBERTO: “Good Woman” is a personal Confession, its interesting as songs like “Love You More”, “Chawama” & “Good Woman” I wrote for my girlfriend after the many situations we would face in our relationship, what I talk about in the song are issues I went through or she complained about!

: Are you promoting your album internationally, how has been the response.
ROBERTO: Yes I am, I have been blessed enough to have a great team working with me to ensure we reach out to countries all over the world, the feedback we are getting is worth a million smiles, the radio stations and people have been so supportive. Zambians abroad have also been so helpful in spreading the word about my music, it’s been amazing!! I am truly thankful

: Besides music what other interests do you have?
ROBERTO: I am in love with directing and script writing videos & films, I studied computer programming so I have a huge passion for Computer programming, I also love graphic design.

: Is there anything your fans will be surprised to know about you .
ROBERTO: I don’t like tomatoes, I don’t eat cheese and I cant speak Bemba fluently yet I sing it

Any last words…….
ROBERTO: It would be unfair if i didnt say my many thanks to everyone who is supporting my music my works and the entire BrathaHood Music camp, Ozzy, Mandela, Manas & Young Riko. We owe our achievements to everyone taking time to support our works, our families and friends THANK YOU