Robyn Agatha Phiri

Isn’t the internet wonderful for getting in touch with people you haven’t seen or heard of for years? Take this message I had on Facebook the other day from Robyn Agatha Phiri, for example! Robyn’s pictured above.

“Wow. Is that you? I used to come over to the Ridgeway hotel to play your piano many years ago. Even though I was playing lunch time at the Pamodzi you were pretty generous and would give me a free room and meals if I stayed for the shows you held. Thank God for that because I was only 17 and it just meant my parents on the Copperbelt kept a bevy of relations having business lunches and dinners at both hotels with the discreet eye, haha.
You were a very good guardian angel and I never did get the chance to thank you for allowing me to watch the many acts you presented. I now mostly write for TV and film but still play and as it was never about the money so can’t say I’ve made my fortune but I guess I’m still in love with music…grew up watching you sing “The Greatest American Hero” theme song. Thanks for everything I never thanked you for!

How about that then?