Significant Development?

Don’t normally tangle with politics, particularly local politics, on the blog but this launch yesterday may, next year, mark an historical moment – or not, as the case may be! From LusakaTimes

“The long awaited United Party for National Development and Patriotic Front UPND/PF pact has finally been launched with the two pact leaders calling on the Zambians to take up a personal responsibility in cementing and securing the pact. And Patriotic Front leader, Michael Sata has alleged that the ruling movement for multi party democracy MMD led government yesterday sold off the Zambia telecommunications company ZAMTEL and leaving the workers unattended to as they moneys have not yet been paid.

Mr. Sata (lower picture) said that the current government is still being led under the first republic regime and that is why the MMD has continued to sell off the national resource without the consent of the people of this nation. He said that the ruling MMD is fully aware of the high level of poverty in this country but has decided to put a blind eye to the needs of the people and focus on enriching themselves at the expense of the people.

Meanwhile Mr. Sata has observed that the decision by government to jail post editor, Fred Mmembe who was yesterday sentenced to four months in prison with hard labour will cost the MMD. Mr. Sata said that the MMD could have thought of something better than jailing and detaining a journalist because he will expose them for who they really are and how they have failed to take care of the prisoners in this country.

And speaking earlier, UPND president, Hikainde Hichilema (up) charged that the MMD failure to put an end to corruption within the governing system has exacerbated the levels of poverty in the country. Mr. Hichilema said that the government has been unable to provide quality social services to the people of this nation and is largely responsible for the people’s suffering. Mr. Hichilema has also challenged the government to bring back the windfall tax in the mining sector.