Suite 1 – Progress

The photo shows the new entrance to Suite 1 from the poolside at Chanters Lodge early this Friday morning as Max, our hard working handyman, sweeps the water used to cure the floor out of the way, so that the carpenters can access the site and start fitting the ceiling.

Ireen, my partner, is going to Lusaka today to buy curtain, bed-cover and cushion cover material – her speciality – she has excellent taste (I would say that wouldn’t I?). Oh! And she’s going to a Michael W Smith concert at Woodland Stadium tomorrow afternoon too!

We’ve bought the additional air conditioner we needed and the chairs for the sitting room are on order and partially paid for. New panel doors are in stock.

The next big job will be tiling the floor. Tiles are yet to be bought. Thought for the weekend…may the Zambian Kwacha still be weak against the US$ next Monday!

Chanters is located in the suburbs of Livingstone, just 10 kms from the mighty Victoria Falls.