Sweet Conversion

Check the three photos above, taken yesterday at Chanters Lodge Livingstone.

With my back to the bathroom (which is almost finished) I took the photo at the bottom. The builders (demolition workers?) are knocking through from ex Room 2 to ex Room 1. This is to allow for a new big en suite double bedroom.

The middle photo shows the space being created in ex bathroom 1 for a large window overlooking the pool, which will be the feature of the suite’s new sitting room. The entrance to the suite will be on the right of this picture around the corner, with steps leading from the poolside to a new front door opening on to the sitting room.

The suite bedroom will have its own entrance door from the main house as well – just in case….! The top photo is with my back to the new sitting room, looking through the new bedroom to the en suite bathroom.

Do we have it right? I think so, but you can’t really tell until it’s finished! I’m already seeing a few things I wish we’d done or were doing differently, and some things I hadn’t anticipated.

Anyway, as my friend Derek said: “Full Steam Ahead”!