Peter and Frances Shaw on The Experience!

Peter & Frances Shaw


Meet Peter and Frances Shaw, guests on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz. ‘The Experience’ airs live every Tuesday evening at 20.30 hrs CAT on Zambezi 94.1 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station, and is a great mix of latest international pop music together with Zambian tracks, as well as chat with our weekly guest, sometimes overseas visitors staying at Chanters Lodge like Peter and Frances, sometimes Livingstone personalities, occasionally members of the lodge staff!

Peter and Frances hail from Guildford in Surrey, UK, though Peter is a Yorkshireman by birth. Frances was brought up in Stratford-upon-Avon. They told listeners they had been married for 40 years and that they had met in Toronto, Canada. They had both been educated at Durham University and both hold doctorates. The couple told listeners that Peter, a management consultant, had been in Zambia for about ten days on business, Frances had joined him a little later. They were now on holiday. It was their first time to visit Zambia and felt they could not do so without seeing the mighty Victoria Falls. They had done so that very afternoon and were impressed, comparing the area favourably with Niagara Falls which they had also visited. They were looking forward to a camping trip to Chobe NP in Botswana during the following weekend.

The music on the show was good with tracks from Fifth Harmony, Flo Rida ft Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and Riton (Rinse & Repeat lol!). Other were from Shenky Shuga, Rihanna ft Drake and DJ Zoz. Frances said her pop music favourites were 60’s tracks, Buddy Holly and the Beatles. Peter is a big fan of Brass Bands, often linked to the former colliery towns in his native Yorkshire.

Peter, a Hull City supporter, and an author of some 22 books on leadership is a former Director General in the UK Civil Service, and Frances a leading mover in the Feed the Minds NGO. They have three grown up children. a daughter and two sons. One son is a minister in the Church of England and indulges in Iron Man Triathlons, the other, a management consultant plays Ultimate at international level.

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing in ten years’ time, Frances said she would be happy to still be around spending time with her grandchildren, Peter would like to be in an interesting place still teaching leadership!


Volunteers on The Experience!

Lucy Brown & Hannah Kuhn

Meet Lucy Brown (above left) and Hannah Kuhn, Guests on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz, our weekly radio show airing every Tuesday evening at 20.30 hrs CAT on Zambezi 94.1 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station.

The girls told listeners they were volunteers at Amano Christian School in Chingola, Lucy teaching primary school students aged 8/9, and Hannah a teaching assistant taking care of one student with learning difficulties. They had been in Chingola since September 2015 and would be there until June 2016. This was their first visit to Livingstone and their first time to see Victoria Falls and they were excited about their trip. Chanters Lodge had been recommended to them by friends in Chingola and they were happy with their stay, particularly our extended hours for breakfast – we have no limit on the time Guests can eat their free English breakfast, included in our room rates!

Lucy hails from Milton Keynes, UK and is a graduate in history from Sheffield University. Hannah is from Stuttgart, Germany and has just completed Grade 12, she’s now on a gap year before heading for University. “Where and to study what?” We wondered but she said she was not yet sure about these things!

The girls enjoyed the music on the show with tracks from Years and Years, Alan Walker, Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Karen Harding. Others were from ZoneFam, Roberto ft Kaufela, Lukas Graham and David Guetta. Music wise Hannah likes The 1975, Lucy – Florence and The Machine.

Both girls are single and not engaged, but admitted that there were “people waiting for them at home” in UK and Germany respectively!

Lucy and Hannah had very much enjoyed their few days in Livingstone, they had a super game drive in the Mosi-o-Tunya National Park and had seen all the game there was to see apart from giraffe. They had also loved the sunset cruise on the Lady Livingstone. They had dined out at Cafe Zambezi and Olga’s Corner and had enjoyed both restaurants.

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing 10 years from now, Hannah said she would like to be through University and working, Lucy said she would like to be doing something she loves and to be close with family and friends. We thanked them for choosing Chanters Lodge for their visit to Livingstone and for appearing on our show!


The Mark Scarbrough Experience!

Mark Scarbrough

Meet Mark Scarbrough, frequent visitor to Zambia, valued client of Chanters Lodge and once again guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient ft Jay Hillz, our weekly radio show airing every Sunday night at 20.30 hrs CAT on Zambezi 94.1 fm. Milli Jam and Jay were very happy that Mark brought them t shirts and hats as well as a very special pair of flashing dark glasses for Jay! I kid you not! I was delighted to be given some Charley Pride CD’s, and for sure Mark is one of the most generous, gentle people you’re ever likely to meet! Mark hails from Oakridge, Tennessee.
Mark told listeners about his latest project to build a clinic and house near Choma in the Southern Province of Zambia, as well as providing a well for the project. Each new project will be branded under the name ‘At Waters Edge’ although the logo and website were not yet finalized. One of Mark’s major undertakings is to identify and rein in corporate sponsors. Mark also has dealings with Karen Wheaton, a seasoned Christian minister whose music and preaching has provoked listeners to pursue God in passionate worship for many years. Karen’s efforts are primarily focused at the Ramp with a view to empowering young people of all races and faiths. Two of the t shirts the guys were given were from The Ramp.

Mark told listeners that his musical tastes ranged from Nat King Cole to Stevie Wonder! The music on this show featured tracks from Justin Bieber, Elly Goulding, Ariana Grande, Pia Mia, Mr Veezy ft Exile, Miguel, Calvin Harris and Tio. Some great Zambian tracks in there!

Mark is a divorcee with two daughters and two grand children. He also has a Zambian son Alec, recently married in USA and now proud dad to baby Olivia born in September. “Awwww!” We said! This trip would take him to UK as well as another week or so in Zambia.
Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing in ten years’ time he would like to be with his daughters on the Milli Jam and Jay Hillz radio show! Nice one!


The King Lewis Experience!


Meet King Lewis The Second, aka Lewis Yuyi, (above) currently employed at Ngulide Lodge in Livingstone but much better known in the city as a presenter on Zambezi 94.1 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station and coincidentally hosts of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz. Lewis was our guest on the most recent edition of the programme. Our show airs every Sunday night at 20.30 hrs for an hour live and has been a constant on the station since 2007!

Lewis told listeners that he was ‘born and bred’ in Livingstone and that he was educated at David Livingstone High School in the city. He had subsequently obtained a certificate in marketing. His first connection with Zambezi fm was when he had joined the Fan Club. Lewis is a member of Livingstone Lighthouse Church and is ‘born again’ we were told. This life changing event led him to an interest in gospel music.

Putting ‘two and two together’ Lewis became the presenter of 4-2-6, Zambezi fm’s two hour Sunday afternoon gospel music show, and this led to Lewis becoming further involved in other Zambezi fm shows on a part time basis. Feeling the need to have full time employment he had successfully secured a job with Ngulide Lodge and luckily, he was now delighted also to be back at Zambezi fm on Sunday afternoons.

There was no gospel music on this show and in fact there was also no Milli Jam who was indisposed so Jay was the Ingredient and a good one too! We dropped tracks from Little Mix, Sam Feldt, Robin Schultz, John Newman, Big Sean, KB, DJ Mzengaman and Lady-X. Hot stuff!

Lewis told listeners that he was ‘still single but not really’ as he and the mother of his daughter intended to marry next year. Lewis said that as an experienced event organizer the wedding arrangements should not be an issue, though he wasn’t quite so sure about the lobola demand!

At home he confessed he listened more to traditional Zambian Kalandula music than gospel and said his favourite artist is the late great PK Chishala. (A controversial Zambian performer with whom I had a ‘confrontation’ at a show for KK way back in 1991 – but that’s another story). King Lewis follows soccer mostly because his friends do, and said his favourite team is Barcelona.

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing ten years’ from now, our guest said that he would like to have different trades, have studied different subjects and be working for the BBC in London. Why not? We said.


The Connecting Classrooms Experience

Ross Duke, Cynthia Chisangano & Doug Staff10479231_846008622113048_1964228741086643608_n


Although there were only three guests on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz, there were a lot of different organizations represented. Lights For Learning, British Council, Connecting Classrooms and the Butterfly Tree amongst others! ‘The Experience’ is our weekly radio show airing on Zambezi fm every Sunday at 20.30 hrs for an hour live.

Our guests were (right to left above) Ross Duke, Cynthia Chisangano and Doug Staff. Cynthia and Doug were previous guests on our show back in 2012 while Ross was on the programme for the first time. He told our listeners that it was also his first time to be in Zambia and indeed Africa. Ross and Doug are both teachers in Swindon, UK, Ross at Isambard School and Doug at Crowdys Hill School. Cynthia is a teacher of special needs children at David Livingstone
Secondary School in Livingstone.

Doug and Ross had brought with them from UK a solar lighting system which they had successfully installed in Kamwi Basic School in Mukuni Village (children above). The British Council, Butterfly Tree and Lights for Learning were all involved in the project together with the Rotary Club of Cirencester back in England. Connecting Classrooms were involved in Ross coming out to Zambia to familiarize himself with David Livingstone Secondary School, teaching and reviewing the operation. He was very much enjoying the project. Both Doug and Ross were supported by Connecting Classrooms, a British Council initiative.

The music on the show featured tracks from Ella Eyre, Taylor Swift ft Kendrik Lamar, Tinie Tempah ft Jess Glynne, Jack U ft Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson, Braso, Trey Songz and Macky 2. We were rocking!

Milli Jam wanted to know what had changed in Doug’s life since he was last on our show and he told listeners that he now spent less time teaching in the classroom and more time out on the River Thames teaching canoeing and kayaking. He also told us that his two sons were highly involved in kayak racing – much lighter boats than those we are used to seeing on the Zambezi. They had just completed the annual Devizes to Westminster international canoe race – 125 miles supported by mum and dad,

Ross told listeners that he’s been married for five years and has a two year old daughter. He would love to make a return visit to Zambia with his young family. He is a firm supporter of Swindon Town – devastated to hear that they had lost their play off final at Wembley that very afternoon. Cynthia supports Man U and is single. “Jay’s single” said Milli Jam. “Too young, too young!” Replied the lady!

Asked where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing ten years from now, Doug said he would like to be doing more work at schools in Livingstone as well as completing a longed for trip to Canada. Ross wasn’t sure but still wanted to be teaching. Cynthia, thanking the British Council for their care for her, still had ambitions to complete her Masters and PhD.

Great guests, great show!