Twitter For Sales – Guillaume Thevenot

I’ve been a follower of Hotel Blogs for ages, and Guillaume Thevenot (above) is always full of ideas. I’m taking a well earned day off today but tomorrow morning I shall do this:

“How you could use Twitter to find potential customers

Twitter- Most hotel industry examples out there have been exposed on past posts here and there, but I realize again today that very few hotels use Twitter as a way to find potential customers who could walk in their doors quicker than they can think of.

Hotels haven’t really used Twitter for finding qualified leads.

Today I asked on my Twitter account:

“Let’s see if Parisian hotels are listening. Where is the perfect hotel in Paris to hold meetings in the lobby or over a coffee?”

Guess how many hotels did respond to that question? Big zero. And some of you warned me afterwards that they would be surprised to see any answers.

When I was in Boston earlier last month, I tweeted “Arrived in Boston” and almost within 1 hour I had 2 or 3 hotels in Boston already sending me a greeting message and invitation to come to their hotel.

How did they guys found me?

Pretty easy.

You just have to use the SEARCH function on your Twitter application or use simply and type some relevant key words that could end up in some interesting reaction with potential guests.

OK. So what do I need to search for? Key words like “hotel paris” would be a good start.”