Twitter The Gadget

This from FreshInc

Get ready for Twitter, the gadget. One of the reasons for Twitter’s breakneck growth has been the company’s decision to make its data available to anyone interested in building applications on top of its messaging system. (This approach has worked pretty well for two other companies you may have heard of.) Until now, all of the Twitter upstarts–such as the iPhone app Tweetie and the link-shortener–have focused on making software. But now, one company is trying to turn Twitter into a profitable gadget. Peek, a New York start-up that makes a cell-phone like device for email, just introduced a $199 hand-held gadget “built exclusively for sending tweets,” according to the Wall Street Journal’s venture capital blog. According to the article, Peek “expects the TwitterPeek to be popular among those who use Twitter to promote their business, likely equipping an employee with a dedicated device.”

Can’t wait!