Women Bosses A Nightmare?

As Annastasia Katele (pictured above) my long term and dedicated assistant prepares to manage Chanters Lodge for 2 weeks, this caught my eye from The Institute of Hospitality, of which I’m a Fellow. In our case, I’m quite sure I’m the nightmare and Anny’s the dream!

“A survey recently undertaken by recruitment firm UKJobs.net found that two thirds of respondents, both men and women, preferred to be managed by men. According to the poll of 3,000 employees, which was picked up by media around the world, women bosses are seen as a nightmare to work for as they are “loose cannons” and too “sharp tongued.”

Nearly two thirds (63%) of the women surveyed and three-quarters of the men said they would prefer to be managed by a man. Male bosses were less likely to get involved in office politics, were easier to reason with and rarely suffered from mood swings, the survey found.

Among the respondents, there were also those who would rather have a female boss (31%). They said women bosses are more approachable, friendly and understand when workers need time off to look after their children.”

Oh yes, and she’ll be co-hosting the Chanters Lodge Experience on 107.7 fm too!