Zambezi FM Stars Rock Zimbabwe!

George da Soulchild, co-presenter of The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient, our Sunday night radio show on 107.7 fm, contributes regularly to the blog and recently had a great night in Zimbabwe:

Zambezi FM Breakfast Show presenters E-Vibes and myself (George Da Soulchild) together with the Drive Time Show presenters Tendai With An I and Chin-I were invited to make an appearance at the Wild Thing Night Club in Victoria Falls Town, Zimbabwe last Saturday.
We crossed the Border into Zimbabwe slightly after 2pm, where we were received by one of the guys organizing the trip “EASY-T” – that’s what everyone called him, but I for one don’t know his real name! By 2:30 PM we were checked into the world famous Kingdom Resort aka the African Sun. My room was 1047 – ten minutes walk from the Falls and I could actually hear the water roaring and rumbling down!

The show was not until 9pm, so this gave us some time to check out Vic Falls Town – as it turns out 90% of people living and working in Vic Falls Town listen to Zambezi FM radio 24/7 which is a very good thing. I mean it made things a lot easier for us – as it turns out we’re quite popular down there but not as popular as Danny Dee (which made me a bit jealous!) Anyhow at most of the places where we went to advertise the show we had a good reception, every one of us seemed to have fans, which in turn made us appreciate what we do a little more, seeing the effect we had on most of the people with whom we came in close contact. After a tour of the main business activity center/area we headed back to the Kingdom Resort to freshen up and later to have dinner.

Show time 9pm!! Everyone is fresh and clean and ready for a good time. When we got to the club we found more people waiting and wanting to take photos of us, and with us! Most importantly, since Zambian music is big over there, people just wanted to listen to some good Zambian music. So Chin-I stepped up and played some house and R&B music for 40minutes. After Chin-I, I was next, and I played Pop (mostly stuff off the Charts) and Zambian music for 40 minutes. Then the resident DJ’s took over until around 2:30 in the morning.

That was the business part of our trip done and it was time to check out Vic Falls Town at night – first stop was Hunters Club and we had such a great reception! Everyone in the club was glad we were there and I must mention that Tendai got heads turning and most of the attention! Every guy in the bar wanted to buy her a beer or a drink!

Our next stop ‘’Shoe-String” which is a bit like Jolly Boys in Livingstone – lots of young white people, mostly back packers and it was just our luck that there happened to be a party going on! So we all agreed to gatecrash it and we got the VIP treatment! We had a fantastic time and we were not done yet! There was one more party we had to attend, a birthday party in Chinotimba, one BIG Zambezi FM fan just turned 23! Anything for a fan! We almost took over the party once we got there and we stayed until 4am. We met a lot of interesting people and all in all we had such a great time in Zimbabwe, Vic Falls and we’ve been invited to go back there over Easter and we can’t wait!

Its funny how in broadcasting you never know the true effect you may have on somebody else listening to you on radio. In our voices I’m sure they see and hear more than we do – I’m talking about hopes, aspirations and dreams that might help them carry on, or maybe just a friend, a comforting voice. They have us to follow and to keep them company. While they go about living it can’t be denied that in some small way, we’re part of their daily lives, without us even being aware of it!


I love what I do.