Zambian Gems

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Zambia, a central landlocked African country, now supplies to the international market a substantial range of fine gemstones, in particular emeralds, aquamarines and other beryls, tourmalines and amethyst. Zambia rates after Colombia and Brazil as a major supplier of emeralds, some being cut locally and also in Israel.

The emeralds are a fine grassy green color usually lacking any blue tint, they often contain wispy inclusions and may be treated with a colorless oil. Prices (Net dealers, wholesale) vary according to color, clarity, cut and carat weight, as is always the case, and for 0.2 to 0.5 carats are in the range US $200 to $450/carat. Scarcity increases as size increases, together with the price and for 3 to 10 carat size top quality Zambian emeralds this ranges from $2000/carat, up to $20,000/carat for exceptional gems. Mostly they come from the Miku, Kamakanga and Kagem mines located in the NE of the country.