Zambian Music – Chanters Lodge

George Da Soulchild writes about the Zambian music we played on last Sunday’s Chanters Lodge Experience on Zambezi Radio 107.7 fm, when the Hagenbeeks from Utrecht were our guests. (I had a text from them today saying they were safely on the Tazara Train to Dar.) This is our regular show and we featured the story on the blog earlier in the week.

George’s real name is George Mukwita (aka George Da Soulchild). George is a 27 year old radio dj working for Zambezi Fm Radio, Livingstone. He has a popular show he hosts every Monday Night called “Monday Night Chill Factor With George” and also co-produces the Chanters Lodge Experience weekly for us.

We played 2 Zambian tracks on last week’s show:

‘Kaufela’ Featuring K’millain “Efo Nakutemwa” (Thats why I love you) is a brand new Zambian
track sung in Bamba, Nyanja and Lozi it carries some samples of a P-Square song titled “I
love you”. In a nut shell the song talks about a man appreciating his women Kaufela.

Ty2 featuring Crystal Shaun, Lillian and Kaufela titled “Change for the Better” is a Charity
song sung in English and Bemba. The song was recorded in Livingstone and mastered and
duplicated in the UK. Later released as a single on the 25th of May – World Malaria Day this
year. The song was produced to raise awareness of Malaria, and all proceeds raised will be
channeled to help those that cant get to health centers to get treatment. Money raised will be used to buy medicine and malaria testing kits and mosquito nets for them. The project was sponsored by the Butterfly Tree Charity. There’s a nice picture of the artists above!

Thanks George!