Visa’s and Vaccinations

A Uni-Visa is still available at the time of writing at various entry points into Zambia at a cost of US$50 per person. It allows for multiple entry into Zambia for a period of 30 days and during that time for day visits to Zimbabwe and Botswana at no extra cost. Highly recommended for eligible visitors and hopefully soon to be extended to many more nationalities and neighbouring countries.

Otherwise, single and double entry visas for Zambia are available at the brand new modern Livingstone International Airport, and at other border posts. US$50 single entry, and US$80 double entry. You can only pay in cash US$ (or by credit card at the airport) For multiple entry visas you need to make arrangements with your nearest Zambia Embassy or High Commission before you arrive in the country, as these are not usually available at the airport or border posts. Certain nationalities also require visas only issued outside Zambia prior to arrival (India is notably one). We are happy to supply written confirmation of reservations for the purpose of obtaining visas from outside Zambia, if required.

(If you have no Uni-Visa), visas to enter Zimbabwe are available at their border and the price depends on nationality. Most nationalities don’t require visas to enter Botswana but some do, so please check if you intend to visit that country).

We are happy to announce that yellow fever vaccinations are no longer required for visitors to Zambia. For details about vaccinations you might need and Malaria tablets please click here.

There are no recorded cases of Ebola in Zambia at the time of writing.