Jake and Alvera Stern


Meet Jake and Alvera Stern from Pennsylvania in the USA, they have been our guests here at Chanters Lodge for the past 6 days. In this photo I took them to see the Wayi Wayi Art Gallery in Livingstone. They loved it and bought some beautiful paintings and baskets.

Whilst in Livingstone they went on a safari drive, did the Bridge Tour, enjoyed a helicopter rider over the Victoria Falls as well as the famous High Tea at the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

Alvera went to school in Choma 50 years ago and used to visit Livingstone as a young girl. Obviously its all changed now and her old school in Choma is now Choma Museum. She did manage to take a photo right in the spot where her bed used to be. She takes some fond memories back to Pennsylvania.

Travelling mercies Jake and Alvera. We loved having you at Chanters Lodge 🙂