The Tiko Siliwea Experience

“How long ago was the first time you were the Guest on our programme?” I asked our Guest, Tiko Siliwea, (above) at the top of the latest edition of our weekly radio show, The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay Hillz, airing at 20.30 hrs every Sunday night on Zambezi 94.1 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station. “About six years’ ago” replied our Guest. These days Tiko is one very busy lady! Apart from being the mother of 5 children ranging in ages from 15 to 3 years old and the wife to her pastor husband Ken Siliwea, she herself is a pastor at the Lion of Judah Church in Livingstone. As if this was not enough, her third album of gospel music is about to be released on CD following on from the success of her first two CD’s. The new album is called ‘Sinilesewa’ (It’s My Time) and we played the hauntingly beautiful lead single ‘Kumisanga’ (‘to find you’) on the show. Tiko told listeners that she had written almost all the tracks on the album herself, and that the CD was due for release during the week ahead.

Tiko said that since her last appearance on our show she had obtained a degree in theology from North Western Theological School in USA and had become a pastor at Lion of Judah Church. The church operates from the premises of a former timber company Zambezi Saw Mills, located near the Railway Museum in Livingstone. Congregations vary in size from 250/300 people every Sunday and Tiko is mostly involved with the music and singing at church but also preaches from time to time – of course she has duties in counseling and other responsibilities of the ‘pastor’s wife’ too! She does also have a business specializing in wedding planning and gives singing lessons as well! Busy lady, as I said!

The music on the show was standard. We opened with our new theme TINA from Fuse ODG. We featured smash hits from Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars, and Philip George. We played Kiesza’s No Enemies back to back with Tiko’s track and also featured titles from Alicia Keys and Kachanana ft Joey B. Our oldie of the week was ‘One Way Or Another’ the 1D version and not the original Blondie record. The prize we give of a dinner for two with drinks at the lodge to the first person to text us the name of the artist on the track was quickly snapped up. My pick of the week was Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’ the first track released from the soundtrack of the much anticipated movie ’50 Shades Of Grey’.

Tiko told us that she had been brought up on the Copperbelt mostly by her dad, and had attended Fatima Girls Secondary School. She had originally come to Livingstone for a job with a now defunct company, before meeting Ken, then a manager with Indeco Estates and the rest is history, as they say! They had been married for 16 years. Jay gasped at that information! Gospel is her favourite music (naturally) and her favourite artist CC Wynans. Tiko loves swimming and tennis and her most loved tennis star is Serena Williams. She was proud of having sung at the Ngoma Awards ceremony in the past, and in 2013 for the closing ceremony of the United Nations World Tourism Organization general meeting held in Livingstone.

Asked where she would like to be and what she would like to be doing 10 years from now, this thoughtful, talented, hard working lady said she would like to be teaching in her own school of music and to be promoting Zambian music and musicians. We wished her well.


The Swimming Experience!

We were delighted to welcome Ian Newell (above), international swimming coach and Chief Coach at Shiverers Swimming Club in Brighton (“Hove actually!” Ian corrected us) as Guest on the most recent edition of the Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Jay-Hillz, our regular weekly Sunday night radio show airing from 20.30 to 21.30 hrs on Zambezi 107.7 fm, Livingstone’s leading local radio station.

Ian explained to listeners that he was in Livingstone for the weekend, on a break from helping Lusaka Dolphins Swimming Club coach swimmers likely to be in the Zambian team taking part in the Africa Games in Uganda next April. It was Ian’s first time in Zambia, first time in Africa and of course his first time to see the magnificent Victoria Falls. He told us that he would be in the country for a total of about two weeks. He had been comfortable staying at Chanters Lodge and had thoroughly enjoyed the Lady Livingstone sunset cruise on his first afternoon, as well as a microlight flight over the falls during his stay. He had eaten a fantastic high tea at the Royal Livingstone Hotel that very afternoon, and had loved the view from their deck, of the spray from the Falls spreading right across the mighty Zambezi.

Milli Jam wanted to know how the connection had been made between Shiverers Swimming Club in UK and Lusaka Dolphins thousands of miles away in Lusaka. Ian said that it had come about due to a Zambian family visiting UK being allowed to temporarily join Shiverers and train during their stay, and subsequently issuing an invitation to Ian to come to Zambia. Ian told us that he had been a swimming coach for a total of about 45 years having been a good swimmer in his youth before turning to coaching as a career. Jay and Milli Jam wanted to know why generally white people seemed to be better at swimming than black people, and Ian explained that it came down to their different muscle length and bone structure required to become top class swimmers. Ian mentioned that he now had several up and coming black swimmers under his wing at Shiverers.

The music on the show was good, featuring tracks from Enrique Iglesias, Duke Dumont, T-Pain, Roberto and Kanji (both Zambian artists) as well as Tyga. Our oldie of the week was a track from JK and the prize we give to the first person to text us the name of the performing artist was quickly snapped up! My pick of the week was Sia’s ‘Chandelier’.

Ian told listeners that he had never been married and did not have children, he blamed these facts on the intensity of his career – his features only slightly tinged with regret. He clearly regards his swimmers as his ‘children’ and delights in their success all the way up to Olympic standard. He has several youngster whom he thinks may well go all the way to the top of the sport in future. Ian loves football as well as swimming and said he supports his local club Brighton and Hove Albion, as well as Manchester United. We moved quickly on. His musical tastes go mostly back to the 60’s. He’s a fan of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Asked where he would like to be and what he would like to be doing in ten years’ time, Ian told listeners that as 2024 would be an Olympic year, he would like to be wherever the games would be held with two or three swimmers from Shiverers and some Zambian swimmers competing in the Games!



Zambia Music Awards 2014

Thanks to George Da Soulchild-kaufela for this up to date list of winners last night!

The picture – Slap Dee – triple winner!

The Zambian Music Awards honour achievements in the recording arts and support the Zambian music industry without regard to album sales or chart position. Here is the full winners list of the ZMAs held last night.

First award of the night was the lifetime achievement award, awarded Father Mitah. (Post-humously)

•Next up was the award for best club DJ which was won by DJ Creejay

•Best famale radio dj went to Lady MC from radio 4.

•Best Male radio DJ went to Dazzle also from radio 4.

•Best choral album went to Mt Sinai

•Best collaboration on a song went to chef 187,Pilato and Afunika – Kumwesu.

•Best Kalindula album went to James Chamanyazi’s – Anthi Ndiwo album.

•Best dancehall album went to B’flo – Voiceless woman.

•Best RnB album went to Roberto’s -My name is.

•Best HipHop/Rap album was won by Slap Dee’s – The business album.

•Best male mainstream album was won by Slap Dee -The business.

•Best Gospel album went to Magg 44.

•Best Niyatu album was won by Afunika.

•Best song writer went to Roberto.

•Best Jazz album went to uncle Rex for his “Fellowship” album.

•Best live recording album went to the Sakala Brothers – Born In Matero..

•Best female mainstream went to Judy.

•Best Mainstream album was won by Slap Dee.
•Best female gospel artist was won by Karen.

•Best male artist went to Pompi.

•Best new artist was won by Alphonzo aka muzo.

•Song of the year was won by Chief,Afunika and pilato -Kumwesu.

The show was graced by great performances by Mumba Yachi, Pilato, Salma, Roberto, Ruff Maids, Abel Musuka and Marky2 just to mention a few.

Once again Marky2 was the biggest loser on the night he walked away empty handed while his biggest rival Slap Dee scored a hat trick.

I am very certain there’s more reaction to come this whole week on tweeter,facebook from fans and those that watched last nights awards.

The ZMA’s are sponsored by Mosi Lager.

We congratulate all the nominees and winner because we love Zambian music


Zambia Music Awards 2014

2014 Zambian Music Awards Final Nominees List

George da Soulchild Kaufela brings us right up to date with the local music scene with an editred list of nominations for the Zambia Music Awards 2014 and writes:-

“It’s award season and excitement is in the air once again! The hardest working artists on the local scene get to be rewarded, and 2014 sees the 2nd edition of the Zambian Music Awards sponsored by Mosi Lager, below is a list of the nominees for some of this year’s awards – who’s your money on?

1. Cimusebo – Afunika
2. The Business – Slap Dee
3. Voiceless Woman – Bflow

1. Macky 2
2. Slap Dee
3. Afunika

1. Judy
2. Salma
3. Mampi

1. The Business    – Slap Dee
2. Zero to Hero    – Macky 2
3. The Naked Truth – Ruff Kaida

1. My Name Is…                       – Roberto
2. The Break Through “Imbeketi”      – P’Jay
3. Worship of the Love Revolutionary – Abel Chungu Musuka

1. Alphonso aka Muzo
2. F’Jay
3. Cleo Ice Queen

1. Contolola  – Zone Fam
2. Go Mama Go – Karasa
3. Kumwesu    – Chef 187, Pilato and Afunika

1. KB Killa Beats
2. DJ Dazzle
3. The Black Stallion Kaliwa

1. Christy
2. Mimi
3. Lady MC Marian Chigwedere


Zambian Music – Zonefam

George da Soulchild Kaufela writes:

Zambian music has continued to conquer Africa and the world in more ways than most people actually give it credit for – little by little our urban infectious sound has continued to spread. This could be credited to all the artistes, promoters and music producers that are doing the hard work and now producing quality music that is marketable to the world.

The local music industry needs a huge injection of investment from government and the private sector as it still lacks professional artist management and promotion. The local media, both print and electronic, does what it can to help put the artistes in the limelight, even when most people feel things would be much better if there were a dedicated press put in place to help grow the industry.

Another thing that would help would be an official website or a way to release singles, as most single in Zambia are released on Twitter or Facebook in a typically amateur way of doing things. Nevertheless the infectious sounds continue to grow and conquer – we recently witnessed one of the most amazing achievements in Zambia music history – rap group Zonefam won a Channel O award against all odds in a category were no one give them a chance, and in which they were up against Africa’s heavy weights, big names with popular songs that include Tear Gas a South African hip-hop trio who in the past have won a few of channel O awards themselves. Other artists up against our own Zonefam were Aka a high profile artist in his own right, Mi Casa, Eme and Naeto C featuring D’Banj, famous in and outside Africa.

Everyone on the list is a high profile artist with bigger and more experienced management and promoters but against all odds Zonefam won the award – it was a victory not only for the rap group but for the whole Zambian music industry as it gives more hope to other Zambian artistes to aim for the sky and achieve the impossible. Zonefam’s Channel O award indicates that Zambian Music can no longer be held back. Some of our celebrated Zambian artistes out there include Mampi, JK, Roberto, Petersen, B-flow, Ozzy and Shyman just to mention a few. These guys do truly carry the Zambian flag high and help the Zambian music grow every time they perform outside the country.

Once more congratulations to Zonefam, the artists and their management.


Zambia Music Awards

George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of both Zambezi 107.7’s Breakfast Show as well The Chanters Lodge Experience each Sunday on the same station, is excited about the Zambia Music Awards 2014 launch party, set for next week, November 16th 2013. He writes:

“Early this year witnessed the successful hosting of the first ever Zambia Music Awards sponsored by Mosi Lager honouring local artists with 31 categories in total, ranging from Best Traditional Performer to Best Keyboard Player to even Best Radio DJ! We all know that radio DJ’s play a vital role in the promotion of local music!

For next year organisers of the Zambia Music Awards are aiming higher with the inclusion of 3 more categories to the 31 that already exist. To sensitize the general public and create more awareness of these awards and nomination procedures, The Zambia Music Awards crew has teamed up with R&G Events for the launch party of the 2014 Zambia Music Awards and the date is set for the 16th of November 2013. The launch party will have all the hottest local artists invited by Mosi, and will be a platform to introduce the public to the 2014 campaign.

Screens will be fitted around the venue with presentations to explain the voting process and how to nominate for each of the 34 categories. There will be great live performances by a few artists to get you in the mood!

More information will also be made available on the official sites and the Facebook page I must add that the 2013 Awards were well organised and attended. Rapper Slap Dee was the biggest winner on the night walking away with six awards.

This year’s nominations are opening soon. The Zambia Music Awards honour achievements in the recording arts and support the Zambian music industry without regard to album sales or chart position.”


Young Riko

Here’s a nice piece from George Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of our weekly radio show ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient featuring Kaufela’ airing every Sunday on Zambezi 107.7 fm at 20.30 hrs CAT. We are always keen to promote up and coming young Zambian musicians! So:

Young Riko (aka Riddick Riko) is the name of a rapper signed to Brathahood Music Label, and also a member of the internationally recognized group  ‘BrathaHood Crew’ – made up of great musicians, namely BrathaHood CEO General Ozzy, Manas, Mandela, & Roberto (also Riko’s manager/ producer).

Young Riko has quickly become a sensation on radio and TV in Zambia and often the topic of discussion and conversation in saloons and barbershops popular amongst teenage girls! The Lusaka based rapper is determined to make history and hopes one day to win a BEFFTA and Channel O award as well as maybe one day a Grammy. “Anything is possible!” He says.

Riko has gone from performing at the 2011 Born’N’Bred video awards ceremony to having a video on Channel O. You might remember him on Roberto’s song ‘Osanisiya So’ which has a great video. I must add that he also boasts of his own video to his smash hit ‘Akoyesa Boi’ which premiered on Channel O Africa on 30th August 2012 on a show called ‘O Premiere’.

Young Riko is featured on two songs on Roberto’s 3rd studio album ‘My Name Is’ namely ‘Osanisiya So’
and ‘So Good’ which also features award winning Hip Hop video of the year Mr Veezy aka LV on the same song. Riko is set to make Zambia the home of Southern African Hip Hop, his music is playing around Southern Africa in countries like Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi etc.

Young Riko’s two new songs titled ‘Ma_Pange_Ya_Kwa_Lesa’ and ‘Alipanda’ featuring Stan have continued to received great praise.


Pompi Goes From Strength To Strength

Kaufela – co-host of our weekly Sunday night radio show on Zambezi 107.7 fm, contributes regularly to the blog. Here’s his latest piece about the Zambian music scene!

Pompi’s ‘Mizu’ album continues to get praise, writes Kaufela, Pompi is a musician, artist as well as an entrepreneur – being CEO of Lota House (House of Dreamers), innovators and leaders in the Zambian media industry. Pompi, more than many other Zambian musicians has had the opportunity to be recognized on an ‘all African’ level, with videos that have played on commercial channels such as MTV Base and Channel O (where he finished off 2009 as number one on ‘Young Gifted And African’).

Pompi is acting as an ambassador to African youth, showing the achievements that can be made from talent – which he has in abundance – recognized by credible individuals such as Chief Igbinedion of Nigeria’s Benin State, Prince Africa Zulu in South Africa and the 4th president of Zambia His Excellency Rupiah Banda.
Pompi who is both a singer and a rapper, besides making good music, is a marvel to watch when performing because of his creative buildups and coordinated movements.

Pompi’s major objectives are to make music that inspires and to highlight the beauty of our African culture which he believes is being lost, due to the westernized perception of the world shown by the media. He believes Africans should have an identity with features unique to them,, such as their type of music and fashion. His new album ‘Muzi’ (meaning ‘Roots’) has continued to receive lots of praise and it’s safe to say it’s one of the top selling albums in the country. Pompi picked up 2 awards at the just ended Zambian Music Awards in the categories of Best Male Gospel Artist and Best Gospel Album respectively.

But why is Pompi’s album ‘Muzi’ making so much sense? Here is what Kay Smash posted on his Facebook timeline: “Sensible lyrics, personal branding, intelligence, humility and he has direction and vision as well as being proud of what he is doing. Great album”! Kay Smash had 32 comments on this status and all 32 comments had nothing but great things to say about the ‘Mizu’ album.

I couldn’t agree more! Says George.


Zambia Music Awards 2013

Thanks to George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of out weekly radio show airing every Sunday on Zambezi 107.7 fm for this piece on the main winners at the Zambia Music Awards unveiled on Friday night February 22 2013. The organisers and people that attended these awards have hailed them as the most successful awards ceremony ever held in the country since Independence. Big up to Slap D (above) for ‘sweeping the board’

Below is a list of Categories and Categories winners

Life time Achievement Award

Webster Malama, RIP

Best Traditional Album
Lenganavo by Kapalu Lizambo

Best Gospel Album
Mizu by Pompi
Best Female Gospel Artist
Best Male Gospel Artist

Best Collaboration

Vigabenga by Ruffkid/SlapD/Zone Farm

Best Jazz Album
Coming Home by Uncle Rex

Best Female Album Contemporary
Chikawama by Judy

Best Male Album Contemporary

True Story by Slap D

Best Female Artist Contemporary

Best Male Artist Contemporary

Slap D

Best Live Recording (album)
Matsukani by Sakala Brothers

Best Band


Best Reggae Artist
Maiko Zulu

Best Dance Hall Artist


Best Hip Hop / Rap Song

Kuichaila by Slap D
Best Hip Hop/ Rap Album
True Story by Slap D

Song of the Year

Kuichaila by Slap D

Album of the Year
Legendary by Macky 2

Best Song Writer

Best Female Vocalist

Best Male Vocalist


Best Male Radio DJ

3rill – Qfm

Best Female Radio DJ
Mimi Sitali – Qfm


Music Review 2012

George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-presenter of our highly successful weekly Sunday night radio show on Zambezi 107.7 fm forwarded this piece for the blog. Thanks George!

It’s been a great year for the Zambian music industry! More artists have come on board and more have become household names. Some artists have simply maintained their status while others have lost out and their names and music are slowly fading “back into black”. Here’s a look at selected months, artists and events from 2012.

March 2012
‘Hip-Hop Crisis’ attended the 54th Grammy Awards in LA saying it was a good thing because it helped expose the international community to Zambian music. The local hip hop artist said “the thing about such events is that you get to meet people and as time goes by, you start crossing paths and you get familiar with each other, and that’s how you build relations.¨

May 2012
Zambia’s Mampi (above) became the first celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother Africa 2012 house. The 25-year-old singer said a lot of pretense was required for one to win the US$300,000 reality show. “I feel the same, I’m happy that I went in at the time I went in and came out at the time I came out. Being there, I saw what is required, you actually have to pretend. If you don’t pretend, you can’t win. I knew I was not going to win because I am not the type that pretends,” Mampi said. Mampi did however manage to mesmerize Big Brother Star Games viewers with her signature dance moves.
Meanwhile Africa Magic has announced Big Brother Season 8 details will be out in mid-January 2013.

June 2012
Petersen took a shot at politicians and released his highly anticipated controversial album JOB 13:13. The most controversial song on the album “Makwabo Mu Church” translates as ‘Business Conducted in the House Of God’ and it brought about plenty of talking points! Petersen explained that he did not understand why so many churches conduct business in the house of God. To him, if a church announcement says ‘brother Chilembo is selling his car for a negotiable price’ or ‘Sister Betty will be hosting a fundraising braii at church’, that is trading in the house of God and that is why he is exhorting the return of Jesus Christ to whip these offenders!

Still in June
Emeli Sande born from Zambian father (Joel Sande) and English Mother (Diane Sande) won the 2012 UKZAMBIANS Excellence Awards Female Vocalist/Songwriter of the Year Award. Adele Emeli Sandé (born 10 March 1988: Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland) known by her stage name Emeli Sandé, is a soul and R&B recording artist and songwriter. A former medical student, Sandé has achieved two top 10 singles in the UK. Her debut album, Our Version Of Events, is nailed on for No1 in the UK and critics across the board have voted her the voice of 2012. Emeli Sandé has written hits for some of the biggest names in the music business, including Cheryl Cole, Tinie Tempah and Susan Boyle. Her album ‘Our Version Of Events’, ended the year top of the UK album Charts. We long to see her at home in Zambia!

Zambian rap artist Ruff Kid becomes the second artist from Zambia to be awarded the prestigious BEFFTA Award. Ruff Kid was nominated under the category for Best international Act at this year’s BEFFTA awards. Other nominees in the same category included Camp Mula, D’Banj, Cover Drive, Grace Galaxy and Zahara.
Ruff Kid in his acceptance speech said: “This is all down to my fans and supporters. My management and I have been working tirelessly asking people to support and vote, and this is proof that every vote counts. I am just grateful that people took the time to vote and support me, I am also grateful to God for providing me with such an amazing opportunity and the BEFFTA Awards for recognizing my work”

ZNBC director general Chibamba Kanyama apologized for the institution’s latest failure to meet viewer expectations during the 2012 Born n Bred Music Video Awards ceremony held at Lusaka’s Government Complex and promised to do better in the future. While Macky2 won three out of the five categories in which he was nominated. B1’s ‘Sikiliti’ won radio’s most popular song of the year.

Slap Dee’s ‘Kuichayila’ voted song on the year for the year 2012 by listeners on five different radio station including Zambezi FM Radio. The Lusaka based rapper who is leader of one of the most popular hip-hop Groups ‘XYZ’ recently ended his beef with a certain named Copperbelt rapper. At some point last year he (Slap Dee) lost his grip on the local scene as the Copperbelt rapper made more headlines and received more airplay than he did.

2013 will, without a doubt, be a very competitive year on the local music scene as most artists ,music producers, music video editors/producers seek international recognition.

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