Another Hotel World

This from Kevin May at Tnooz is so far away from where we are in Livingstone, Zambia as to be from another planet! (Check the picture above for that!) Meanwhile we shall continue to battle with our sub-standard Chinese ‘mortice’ locks and have a good laugh!

“Travel technology firm OpenWays is attempting a major push to the world’s hotel chains with a new system which allows customers to open doors with a mobile. The system works by sending an digitally encrypted audio bleep to the door locking mechanism from any smartphone. Customers are given a code when they check in to a hotel which then sits within a downloadable app on their iPhone, Android or Blackberry device.

The technology was created so it would work with existing locks that use the Crypto Acoustic Credential system, a standard on many electronic access control and locking devices such as those in hotels. OpenWays says the system can be integrated into existing phone app concierge services made by hotel chains or as a standalone function.

It claims the system also makes it easier for hotels to handle security for when customers lose their room keys. The system can also be activated on a person’s handset without visiting the reception desk – a move likely to trigger the ire of critics who suggest the important of customer service is on the wane in the hospitality industry.

The company is currently targeting the big hotel groups in the industry and will be exhibiting at the ITB trade show in Berlin this month. A number of North American and European chains and casino groups are expected to install the system shortly.”