Dandy Krazy’s Outburst!

George da Soulchild, co-presenter of our weekly Sunday night radio show The Chanters Lodge Experience with the Milli Jam Ingredient, writes about the recent outburst by one of Zambia’s best known local artists (above).

“Dandy Krazy could be the most hated local artist at the moment thanks to the comments he made during a performance at Breakpoint in Lusaka recently! Dandy Krazy‘s outbursts against both the Ngoma, and Born & Bred awards has raised a lot of concern among fellow artists and the Zambian Association of Musician (ZAM) alike, all agreeing that the behaviour exhibited by Dandy was unacceptable.

The incident took place a fortnight ago during a performance, when Dandy said he didn’t believe in the Born & Bred Awards or The Ngoma Awards because the prize monies they offered was insufficient and only belittled the winning artists. He further described the Born and Bred Awards as useless and the Ngoma Awards as rubbish!

The Born and Bred Awards is an initiative by Innocent Kalaluka the producer of Smooth Talk which came about to encourage local musicians to produce quality music videos that can also play on international music video TV. Currently K1m is the prize money. ZAM is one of the prestigious musician organizations that hold the annual Ngoma Awards. Many are of the view that Dandy should apologise because insulting these awards is like insulting the entire music industry in Zambia.”

(Ed – As a previous winner of an Ngoma Award, I fully agree!)