George da Soulchild Kaufela, co-host of our regular Sunday night radio show ‘The Chanters Lodge Experience with The Milli Jam Ingredient featuring George da Soulchild Kaufela’ on Zambezi 107.7 fm, reports on a recent interview with Zambia’s K-Smash – famous and popular radio, TV host and DJ.

Q. Who is K-smash?

A. That’s never too easy to answer but I’ll put it this way ‘I’m an easy going guy, and I guess down to earth as well as God fearing. K-smash is a radio and TV personality, media personality or entertainer, whichever you’d like to refer to me as. My real name is Kalumba Chikonde and I’m the last born in a family of seven. Born and raised in Lusaka.’

Q. Why the Name K-smash?
‘K’ stands for Kalumba. Smash has so many meanings, one of which is ‘good’ so I adopted this name which I was given by my elder brother Andrew.

 Q. Tell us about your family and education
I was born in Lusaka over 30 years ago in a family of 8, we lost a brother so we’re now seven and I’m the last born. My father is still alive but I lost my mentor, my friend, my mother about a year and half ago. It was the most heart breaking moment of my life. I went to Lusaka Boys School, then Munali Boys. I received further education at Evelyn Hone College studying accounts, and then in 2009 I followed my passion to pursue a degree in public relations at Cavendish University, Zambia.

Q. How did you get into radio?
I first appeared on radio in 1996 with the Radio Four Fun Club, on which I presented an entertainment segment. I was discovered during a debate final by Nkweto Tembwe who was a judge and at that time a presenter on Radio 4. I joined mainstream radio as a newscaster with Radio Phoenix in March 1997. I was asked to sit in for the late Jack Kamuhuza one day to play music, and that’s how my radio career really kicked off.

Q. What inspired you to get into radio?
I got lots of inspiration from RADIO BOP & Metro FM, because my elder brothers always listened to those stations. I also had a brother abroad who sent recorded tapes of presenters on Kiss FM in London and Hot 105 in Miami, as well as other foreign stations. Then when Radio Mulungushi began I was privileged to be neighbours with DJ’s Francis Ndovi and Chella Katwishi – my brothers’ friends, so they used to come home to listen to music. This inspired me and I learned a lot.

Q. Are you married or single? Are you available?
I’m certainly not available, I’m seeing someone and we’re taking things to another level soon!

Q. Which social networks are you currently enjoying Facebook, Twitter?
I’m active on Facebook but not so much on Twitter!

Q. Looking back at your radio days how would you measure your impact on radio?
I not only created shows but brands like Hot Demo Action, Local Rhythms Countdown on Radio Phoenix, Zed Six to Six on HOT FM, Sunday Morning Breeze and Pillow Talk also on Phoenix. I’m grateful that God blessed me with creativity because it has become one of my strengths.

Q. How different is radio today compared to the time you started?
I guess there’s less creativity and passion for what people are doing on radio. We never did it for the name or money but because we loved doing it.

Q. How do you handle the female attention?
It’s rare to see me – I’m an extremely busy man so I don’t get lots of attention from ladies, which is cool with me. I guess over the years priorities change – it’s not about being a ‘ladies man’ it’s about focus. When they walk up to me and say they like my shows I humbly appreciate – that’s all!

Q. How difficult was the transition from radio to TV?
It’s fairly easy for a radio presenter to move to TV. The difference is that you talk to the camera on TV and to the microphone on radio but personality is the key in both instances. It has taken a lot of practice to perfect my art but I learn everyday through watching both local and International TV. There’s more to think about on TV as you can be seen as well as heard, so you always have to look, as well as sound, your best!

Q. What was your 1st TV Show and what was it all about?
The Mondo Music Zone in 2003 sponsored by Mondo Music.

Q. What shows are you currently hosting?
I’m hosting a weekend show on Pheonix FM called Definition of Weekend, and Peoples’ Choice on MUVI TV and Africa Unite TV respectively.

Q. Have you ever hosted a TV show that has got nothing to do with music.
I hosted a game show sponsored by UNILEVER on ZNBC TV called OMO 10/10, a reality show called ‘Zambia’s Next king of Comedy’ on ZNBC TV and the Kabanana Reality Show. Also last year, various programmes to do with the elections.

Q. If Kay smashes 10 years from now where would you like to be?
I’m a very unpredictable person. God says “my plans are not your plans and my ways are not yours ways”. For now, God is in control!