Poignant Picture

This, to me, and I’m sure the rest of my family, is a very poignant picture. It shows my late brother-in-law Don Binney, who passed away on November 13th last year, being served by my (now) Assistant Manager Annastasia Katele, during Don’s visit to Zambia in March 2006 with my sister Ruth. A good time they had too! Don and Ruth came to Zambia following some time in South Africa during which Don, a great cricket lover, was thrilled to have attended a test match at Newlands in Cape Town. I’m very much looking forward to Ruth’s return visit in March 2010 as I’m sure she is too. Our thoughts are with her today.

Annastasia’s had a great year since being promoted to the post of Assistant Manager in January this year. She’s grown a lot in the job (not in height, she’s still pint sized) and is about to start her annual leave. She’s shown herself to be super reliable, tough and her great public relations skills have made her popular with suppliers and Guests alike. By way of a reward for excellent work the company have sponsored a return flight to South Africa for her to go and see her young brother who lives in Johannesburg. As soon as our new bedrooms are finished (a week or so to go), we’ll be starting the construction of two offices – one for her and one for me, with a view to her being able to take over even more responsibility next year.

How nice to be able to link these two super people together in one image!