Roberto & Ozzy in Botswana

George da Soulchild reports:

Roberto and Ozzy Banda grace Botswana’s ‘Inter bash 2011‘

As Zambian Music continues to grow internationally, more and more Zambian artists are traveling out of the country for performances and special guest appearances some in Europe, North America and Asia – some just within Africa.

Recently the brotherhood dream team Roberto and Ozzy Banda travelled to Botswana for a performance.The show was held at Kagisong Center on 4th November 2011 and by 6pm the center was packed to capacity! Botswana based artists were there to offer support to their Zambian counter parts – top artists like Masako, Eugene Jackson and BK put up a remarkable performance and the show gave an opportunity to local hot DJs like DJ Kay2 and DJ Sly that play for Yorona Fm and Radio Botswana respectively.

By midnight it was time for the Zambian boys to show case their work and they did it in style – a memorable performance from Ozzy and Roberto, the show went on till  Botswana police stopped the party as events in Botswana are not supposed to go beyond 3am!

Afterwards Roberto said “the show was well organized down to the last detail and was an eye opener. I’ve learned a lot from the local guys over there! We plan to work on something like a Zambia/Botswana collaboration and I’m looking forward to next year’s bash! We hope more Zambian artists will tag along, overall the only thing I can say is that I had fun and thanks a lot!”