Sweet Note

I was delighted to received this sweet note this morning by e mail:


My husband and I stayed with you a couple of years ago, but you are still fresh in our memory. Thank you for all you and your lovely staff did to make our week with you so special!

I have a question. While there, we had the opportunity to go on safari. This is when we met Chris, whom you recommended & called, who drove us and made sure our arrangements were smoothly dealt with. He and my farmer husband talked of many things, one of which was sweet corn. Chris said he’d never eaten sweet corn and that they grew a different type of corn there. We had intended to send some corn for him at the time, and our lives got very complicated so we never followed through.

Do you still have contact with Chris the taxi driver (and minister, etc.)? We would love to send him some sweet corn seed of the variety from which new seed could be gathered for the next crop (not gmo) and instructions for the best corn growing practices (about which they had spoken).

I do hope that you are very happy and well.

Sandy Irle

How cute is that? Thanks Sandy! I’ll be happy to share Chris’s sweetcorn when it’s harvested!