Bad Mood Food!

People knowing me well, especially our Chanters Girls at the lodge and my family, know that I am never cranky or in a foul mood, a door banger, cup chucker or anything like that! But just in case that might sometime happen to you, I though this list of bad mood food might entertain! Thanks to a friend on Facebook where I saw it. If I had to prioritize the list (though obviously I would never have to, given my constant calm) chocolate, fish and leafy greens would be my top 3!

In a bad mood? Try one of these seven foods to lift your spirits:

1. Whole Grains. If you’re feeling hungry and angry, these dense carbs will help increase serotonin, a mood enhancer. Try brown rice or beans.

2. Leafy Greens. For those down in the dumps days, the B vitamin folate can help break down homocysteine, which may be linked to depression. Other great sources of folate are beans, citrus fruits and fortified grain products.

3. Turkey. To help calm your anxiety, try some tryptophan, which can help the brain produce feel-good chemicals. You can also try chicken, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds.

4. Greek Yogurt. Being irritable is no fun for you or anyone around you. Healthy snackfoods every 3 or 4 hours will help prevent a drop in your blood sugar. Try some yogurt with berries or almonds and fruit.

5. Black Tea. Stress less by sipping some hotor cold black tea—it may decrease cortisol, a stress hormone. It may also improve your memory and could help getrid of headaches.

6. Dark Chocolate. For women experiencing PMS symptoms, the flavonoids in dark chocolate may help get rid of crankiness. Just one more reason to treat yourself.

7. Fish. To improve your brain health and help you think more clearly, the omega 3s in fish can improve the communication between your brain’s cells. Try salmon, sardines, or just any fish available